dubyouth soundsystem

From the city of music, art and culture in Central Java, Jogja, Dubyouth soundsystem is an electronic-eclectic-mash up-roots group that combines many forms of music. From reggae to dub, some ol’ skool jungle, hip-hop, ragga, house, and much urban vibe, with some rude boy attitude. Always burns the dancefloor everywhere they go, from the small underground parties, art exhibition opening ceremonies, to the big speakers in the clubs, yes..they know how to please the crowd. Even though their album hasn’t been released yet, their music is already spread out to public, well..we dont know how they got it J,but it seems people really got infected by their sound. In addition, one of their single “Bomb Da Town” stays on the number one radio indie chart, and they’re really surprised about it, because they don’t know ‘till one day they got a call from the radio. From the bedroom to the chart! PoppaTee is the mastermind behind this project, including producing, writing, and all that arranging stuff ,with help from D’Metz on the mixing console to run the riddim on their live show. Full length album will be coming up soon from this dynamite duo!