Duo Kribo

This side project collaboration emerged as AKA's (Apotik Kali Asin; led by Ucok Harahap) split up in the late 70's and God Bless's (led by Ahmad Albar) shortage of performance requests. With Ian Antono on guitars and Grace Simon on backing vocals, they released their first album Volume 1 (Irama Tara, 1977) contains 8 tracks, 'Monalisa', 'Neraka Jahanam', 'Rahmat dan Cinta', 'Cukong Tua', 'Discotique', 'Wadam', 'Kenangan' dan 'Kami Datang', and six other Ucok's unreleased tracks. All the rockheads were curious on what kind of sound this supergroup would produce. Turned out the albums sold more than 100.000 cassette which is considered a phenomenal achievement for an Indonesian rock-act at that era, a huge success.

Due to the record's triumph, they released a self-titled movie on the same year. The project continued, Yockie Suryoprayogo (a fellow bandmate from God Bless) were invited to add more synthful sound to the group. They released their second album Volume II (Irama Tara, 1978) consists 9 tracks, 'Pelacur Tua', 'Hidup Sederhana', 'Penari Jalang', 'Pacaran', 'Menunggu', 'Tertipu Lagi', 'Rumah Hantu', 'Fajar Menikam', and 'Hujan'.

The third album Volume III (Irama Tara, 1978) also hit market success. Consists 8 new songs on Side A, 'Terkekang', 'Indahnya Cinta', 'Selamat Tidur Raja', 'Rayuan Harta, 'Penjual Jamu', 'Pantai Sunyi', 'Kenyataan', 'Nenek Antri Permen', and 8 old songs on Side B.

With their final release Panggung Sandiwara (Musica Studios, 1978) Duo Kribo has become one of Indonesian great rock legends. Their songs were covered by Indonesian notable acts such as Titiek Hamzah of Dara Puspita, Nike Ardilla, Nicky Astria, Pungki Deaz, GIGI, Boomerang, and many more.

Song lyric Uang UANG Duo Kribo
Song lyric Neraka Jahanam NERAKA JAHANAM Duo Kribo
Song lyric Pelacur Tua PELACUR TUA Duo Kribo
Song lyric Duo Kribo DUO KRIBO Duo Kribo
Song lyric Penari Jalang PENARI JALANG Duo Kribo
Song lyric Monalisa MONALISA Duo Kribo
Song lyric Kenangan Elvis KENANGAN ELVIS Duo Kribo
Song lyric Tertipu Lagi TERTIPU LAGI Duo Kribo
Song lyric Semut SEMUT Duo Kribo
Song lyric Superstar SUPERSTAR Duo Kribo
Song lyric Pacaran PACARAN Duo Kribo
Song lyric Hidup Sederhana HIDUP SEDERHANA Duo Kribo
Song lyric Ibu IBU Duo Kribo
Song lyric Rahmat Dan Cinta RAHMAT DAN CINTA Duo Kribo