Dustin Lynch

Here is some background information on Dustin Lynch from the Cowboys and Angels Songfacts. Dustin Lynch was raised in the rural countryside of Tullahoma, Tennessee, where he grew up listening to Country music. In 2003 Lynch made the 90 mile move to Nashville in order to attend David Lipscomb University. Lynch also dreamed of becoming a musician, and he rented an apartment near the Bluebird Cafe, which is a popular music venue for songwriters, instrumental in the development of such stars as Garth Brooks and Faith Hill. He regularly attended the venue and gradually began writing and playing shows himself in the Music City as well as the neighboring college circuit. Lynch signed a publishing deal with Super 98/The Song Factory in 2010 and a record deal with Broken Bow Records the following year. His debut single, "Cowboys and Angels", was released January 17, 2012.


The note on the Bluebird Café’s Facebook page says it all: customers who visit the Nashville songwriters club – instrumental in the development of Garth Brooks, Faith Hill and Kathy Mattea – are expected to keep quiet and listen to the words from some of Music City’s most influential composers.

Listening has an added benefit – it gives the listener a chance to learn.

That’s how singer-songwriter Dustin Lynch used the Bluebird. And he used it intensely. He rented an apartment behind the venue’s back parking lot and literally walked to the Bluebird several times a week to listen and learn about the mysterious art of creating songs from some of Nashville’s most important writers. Don Schlitz (“The Gambler”), Tony Arata (“The Dance”), Paul Overstreet (“Forever And Ever, Amen”) – all are mainstays of the Bluebird legend, and it was at their proverbial feet that he picked up key insights about the writing process.

“I was soaking it in, trying to be a sponge,” Lynch says. “I was mainly trying to hear the story behind the song, how it came about, what it’s really about. There’s something about understanding the songwriter’s realm. You get a little more grip on the way it was written and why it was written and how they got to the finished product.”

That education paid off in a big way for Lynch. He signed with Broken Bow Records – the home of Jason Aldean and sister label to Stoney Creek Records (home to Thompson Square) – and is working with producer Brett Beavers (known for his work with Dierks Bentley) and engineer Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Sunny Sweeney) on his debut album with a backlog of his own songs. He’s written that material with a bundle of Music City’s top writers – Dallas Davidson (“Just A Kiss”), Tim Nichols (“Live Like You Were Dying”), Casey Beathard (“Don’t Blink”), Phil O’Donnell (“Back When I Knew It All”) and Steve Bogard (“Prayin’ For Daylight”), to name a few.

But it all goes back to the Bluebird for Lynch, a native of Tullahoma, Tennessee. Influenced in his youth by such stalwart country singers as Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks and Clint Black, Lynch knew the importance of the Bluebird, and he chose his college – David Lipscomb University – in part because it was less than two miles from the club, which proved immensely important in his development.

Lynch auditioned on a Saturday morning for a chance to play its open-mic night the following day. He passed the audition and impressed host Barbara Cloyd so much that she chased him into the parking lot and offered to help him get some footing in the community.

As he began to establish himself at the Bluebird, Lynch got a call from Pete Hartung – manager for singer-songwriter Justin Moore – who had found Dustin’s MySpace page and wanted to get involved. Within weeks, Lynch had a publishing deal, and he made the most of it, writing a staggering 200+ songs in less than two years.

“I’m a workaholic,” he says. “I was getting paid to write songs, so that’s what I did. That’s just the guy I am, if I’m not doing something I get bored, so I was trying to write the best record possible and decided to just get after it as hard as I can.”

Even as a Bluebird visitor, Lynch had made an impression. After he signed his publishing deal, one of the company’s executives persuaded Phil O’Donnell and Casey Beathard to book a co-writing session with the new writer, even though they’d never even heard his name. As soon as he walked through the door, they exploded: “Holy crap, Dustin! We know you!”

But it’s not just physical recognition that Lynch has achieved with his studious approach to songwriting. He combined his fascination with words and melodies with concert skills he developed in high-school bands and playing the southeastern club circuit. That combination has made him one of country’s artists to watch, a performer who’s written his own mix of party songs and ballads with a unique perspective. It’s his own viewpoint, honed from watching the world, and watching the experts.

It’s all there, waiting for anyone else willing to…


Song lyric Where It's At WHERE IT'S AT Dustin Lynch
Song lyric She Cranks My Tractor SHE CRANKS MY TRACTOR Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Wild In Your Smile WILD IN YOUR SMILE Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Mind Reader MIND READER Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Hurricane HURRICANE Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Sittin' Pretty SITTIN' PRETTY Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Waiting WAITING Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Last Lap LAST LAP Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Yeah Yeah Yeah YEAH YEAH YEAH Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Rock You Sweet ROCK YOU SWEET Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Name On It NAME ON IT Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Unwind It UNWIND IT Dustin Lynch
Song lyric All Night ALL NIGHT Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Right Where We Want It RIGHT WHERE WE WANT IT Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Sing It To Me SING IT TO ME Dustin Lynch
Song lyric What You Wanna Hear WHAT YOU WANNA HEAR Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Halo HALO Dustin Lynch
Song lyric After Party AFTER PARTY Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Your Daddy's Boots YOUR DADDY'S BOOTS Dustin Lynch
Song lyric American Prayer AMERICAN PRAYER Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Your Plan YOUR PLAN Dustin Lynch
Song lyric I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink I THINK I'LL JUST STAY HERE AND DRINK Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Way Back When WAY BACK WHEN Dustin Lynch
Song lyric As Far As She'll Let Me Go AS FAR AS SHE'LL LET ME GO Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Cowboys And Angels COWBOYS AND ANGELS Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Dancing In The Headlights DANCING IN THE HEADLIGHTS Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Good Girl GOOD GIRL Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Hell Of A Night HELL OF A NIGHT Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Here We Come HERE WE COME Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Middle Of Nowhere MIDDLE OF NOWHERE Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Ridin' Roads RIDIN' ROADS Dustin Lynch
Song lyric She Wants A Cowboy SHE WANTS A COWBOY Dustin Lynch
Song lyric Small Town Boy SMALL TOWN BOY Dustin Lynch
Song lyric That's The Thing About Hurricane THAT'S THE THING ABOUT HURRICANE Dustin Lynch
Song lyric To The Sky TO THE SKY Dustin Lynch
Song lyric World To Me WORLD TO ME Dustin Lynch