There are three artists with the name Ebi.

1. Ebrahim Hamedi (Persian: ابراهیم حامدی) (born June 19, 1949 - Tehran, Iran) better known by his stage name Ebi, is a famous Persian singer. Being one of the most popular and enduring singers of Iran, he's usually noted for his unique voice and is considered by many to be the best Iranian Pop singer. Having started his career over 30 years ago, he is a well established star with fans all over the world. His voice, and his choice of songs has won him awards all around the world, such as "Master of Voice" in 1993 with the song "Persian Gulf" in Australia.
Ebi started his career as a young teenager with a band called the "Sun Boys" Together they made many public appearances with relative success. After a few years he started his solo career with a song called "Attash" for a movie with the same title. He started his own style and from the beginning he showed that he is a talented singer and a star the newly developed Iranian Pop music can depend on. His third song, "Shab" (Night) is the song Ebi himself agrees made him a star. The song's lyrics were written by Ardalan Sarfaraz. The song was first heard by people on Fereydoon Farrokhzad's show, "Mikhake Noghreyi". The popularity of Fereydoon Farrokhzad's show immediately made Ebi very popular for the Iranian people. Ebi has said that he owes his success to Fereydoon Farrokhzad.
Ebi left Iran in 1977 (two years before the Iranian Islamic Revolution which took place in 1979), for a series of concerts in USA. He released more than 20 albums in more than 30 years.
He has worked with well-known poets like Ardalan Sarfaraz, Iraj Janatie Ataie, Shahyar Ghanbari, Masoud Hooshmand, Amir Farrokh Tajalli, Masoud Amini, Leila Kasraa, Bijan Samandar, Masoud Fardmanesh and Paksima Zakipour. He has also worked with great composers like: Varouj Hakhbandian (Varoujan), Babak Bayat, Touraj Shabankhani, Farid Zoland, Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh, Siavash Ghomayshi, Andranik, and Abdi Yamini.
His Album Setarehaye Sorbi was one of the top albums ever released in persian music indusutry. The Triangle of Siavash Ghomayshi, Ebi & Iraj Janatie Ataie. He had also lyrics from Paksima (Adat) and Amir Farrokh Tajalli (Ki Ashkato Pak Mikoneh).
After the album Tolou Kon he stopped working with Ardalan Sarfaraz, Farid Zoland and Shahyar Ghanbari.
He Released The album Shab-e Niloufari. He worked again with Siavash Ghomayshi and Iraj Janatie Ataie. The arrangments were done by Shoubert Avakian.
His new album is Hasrate Parvaz with the songs from Shoubert Avakian. and the Lyrics of Zoya Zakarian and Iraj Janatie Ataie. Ebi is working on his Last Album. and he will stop releasing albums. He is now living in Spain with his wife Mahshid.

2. Ebi is one of several pseudonyms of Japanese composer Susumu Yokota, who worked on the free visual novel Narcissu.

3. EBI is the pseudo of 堀内 一史, the bassist of the japanese band : ユニコーン

Song lyric Akharin Bar AKHARIN BAR Ebi
Song lyric Arezoo AREZOO Ebi
Song lyric Ba Tou BA TOU Ebi
Song lyric Derakht DERAKHT Ebi
Song lyric Ghebleh GHEBLEH Ebi
Song lyric Gheseh Eshgh GHESEH ESHGH Ebi
Song lyric Goriz GORIZ Ebi
Song lyric Hanna Khanoom HANNA KHANOOM Ebi
Song lyric Hezaro Yek Shab HEZARO YEK SHAB Ebi
Song lyric Kavir KAVIR Ebi
Song lyric Nafas Nafas NAFAS NAFAS Ebi
Song lyric Papa PAPA Ebi
Song lyric Pichak PICHAK Ebi
Song lyric Sabad SABAD Ebi
Song lyric Setarehaye Sorbi SETAREHAYE SORBI Ebi
Song lyric Shab Zadeh SHAB ZADEH Ebi
Song lyric Shoma SHOMA Ebi