eliades ochoa

Eliades Ochoa (born 22 June 1946) is a Cuban guitarist and singer from Loma de la Avispa, Songo La Maya in the east of the country near Santiago de Cuba.

His professional career started in the 60s, with Oriental Quintet and later on he entered Septeto Típico Oriental. In 1978, joined Patria Quartet as director and singer. In 1986, he shared a recording with the luminary Cuban singer Francisco Repilado, well known as Compay Segundo, 'El Chan Chan' and in 1989 they made different presentations in Washington, Guadalupe and Dominican Republic. In 1997, he took part of Buena Vista Social Club record, winner of a Grammy Award.

In 1993 he and the group recorded A una coqueta and in 1995 The lion is loose (Cubason CORA125); In 1998 he recorded the album CubAfrica with Manu Dibango (Mélodie 79593.2); in 1999 Sublime Ilusión (Virgin DGVIR 85); and in 2006 a compilation of Virgin recordings appeared, La collección cubana: Eliades Ochoa (Nascente NSCD 114

He has toured around 40 countries and recorded disks, approaching titles of great significance for Cuban music such as 'Son de Oriente', 'Chanchaneando' with Compay Segundo; 'La venganza de Perico', together with Divango, famous saxophonist from Camerún; the continental record 'El Guateque de Don Tomás' with North American Bob Dylan and the most famous theme 'Píntate los labios María' which with the video clip created by Frank Padrón, received different Lucas Prizes and other international recognitions highlighting various Gold Disks.