Elissa (Arabic: إليسا) was born in Deir Al-Amar, Lebanon and raised amidst the spectacular natural scenery of the Bekaa Valley. She holds a degree in Political Science from the Lebanese University. Her first forays into art and artistic activities consisted of acting in theaters of political critique, namely with well-known chansonnier Wassim Tabbara, and the Theatre de 10 Heures. This was the first time she came in contact with an audience, whose overwhelming warmth and energy she immediately took a shining to.

Her theatrical beginnings motivated her to move to singing. In 1992, she appeared on LBC's Studio Al Fan talent show. Elissa won a silver medal over the course of her stay on the program. Following this, she performed in concert tirelessly until 1999, when Lido Productions released her first album, Baddy Doub. Elissa's debut on the commercial music scene was definitely an event of considerable importance.

The album was a success and featured a smash hit with famous French gypsy act, Gerard Ferrer. The release of this first album took her straight to Cannes, to participate in the International Music Festival of 2000. Following this first success, Elissa then released her second album, W'akherta Ma'ak which in turn included the hit duet Betghib Betrouh, sung with Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alameh. It was a massive hit, and is still played on radio and TV today, over three years after its initial release. Elissa's album, Ayshalak, has been the number one selling album in the Middle East since its release in June 2002.

For this album, Elissa took advantage of the high momentum of her previous two albums, and managed to reach an even higher level of stardom. The video clip of the album's hit single, also entitled Ayshalak, was filmed in Paris with acclaimed French director Fabrice Begotti. Elissa was officially dressed and made up by Christian Dior Paris for the entire duration of the shoot. This was the first time the illustrious French designer collaborated with an Arab artist. 2002 brought Elissa more consecration with the winning of the Murex d'Or award for best female artist.

Hot on the heels of the outstanding Ayshalak, Elissa shook the music scene further by teaming up with world-famous Irish singer Chris De Burgh. Needless to say, the collaboration of these two talents resulted in the historic duet Lebanese Night, which is featured on De Burgh's 2002 album, Timing is Everything. To crown the year, Elissa was included in the 100 Pioneers of Lebanon anthology book, alongside artists such as Fairuz, Wadih al-Safi, and other personalities who have left their mark on the Lebanese cultural, political and social landscape.

Elissa’s fourth album, Ahla Donya was released in 2004. This was one of the fastest selling albums ever in the Arab world. The album included a variety of songs, such as Kol Youm Fi Omri, Erga' Lel Shou', Hobbak Waja' (Inta Lamin) and Ahla Dounya. The album received a 2005 World Music Award for best selling album in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2005, a Special Collector's Edition of the record was made available (1000 copies) with state-of-the-art packaging including a mini-biography.

In early 2006, Elissa released her fifth studio effort, the album Bastanak, which has sold nearly 3.7 million copies, according to Rotana. In 2006 Elissa again won the World Music Award for best selling Middle Eastern artist for Bastanak.

In December 2007, Elissa released her sixth studio album, Ayami Bik, which achieved a remarkable success in the Middle East and spawned the hit Betmoun.

In December 2009, Elissa released her seventh studio album, Tisada' Bimin. The song Aa Bali Habibi is gaining wide success, especially in Lebanon. The first single is the title track Tisada' Bimin.

Song lyric Mamboleo MAMBOLEO Elissa
Song lyric Ah Min Hawak AH MIN HAWAK Elissa
Song lyric Ajmal Ihssas AJMAL IHSSAS Elissa
Song lyric Aks Elli Shayfenha AKS ELLI SHAYFENHA Elissa
Song lyric Albi Hasis Fik ALBI HASIS FIK Elissa
Song lyric Ana Bastaghrab Aalei ANA BASTAGHRAB AALEI Elissa
Song lyric As3Ad Wa7Da AS3AD WA7DA Elissa
Song lyric Awakher Al Shita AWAKHER AL SHITA Elissa
Song lyric Ayami Bik AYAMI BIK Elissa
Song lyric Ayshalak AYSHALAK Elissa
Song lyric Back To Me BACK TO ME Elissa
Song lyric Baddy Doub BADDY DOUB Elissa
Song lyric Betmoun BETMOUN Elissa
Song lyric Betmoun بتمون BETMOUN بتمون Elissa
Song lyric Do You Love Me DO YOU LOVE ME Elissa
Song lyric Don't Say DON'T SAY Elissa
Song lyric Eftakart EFTAKART Elissa
Song lyric Elissa ELISSA Elissa
Song lyric Faker FAKER Elissa
Song lyric Fatet Sineen FATET SINEEN Elissa
Song lyric Fi Ayounek FI AYOUNEK Elissa
Song lyric Fi Shi Nkasar FI SHI NKASAR Elissa
Song lyric Forever Love FOREVER LOVE Elissa
Song lyric Ghali GHALI Elissa
Song lyric Habbit Ehtimam HABBIT EHTIMAM Elissa
Song lyric Hikayti Maak HIKAYTI MAAK Elissa
Song lyric Kerehtak Ana KEREHTAK ANA Elissa
Song lyric Kermalak كرمالك KERMALAK كرمالك Elissa
Song lyric Khod Balak Alaya KHOD BALAK ALAYA Elissa
Song lyric Law Kan LAW KAN Elissa
Song lyric Law Ma Tiji LAW MA TIJI Elissa
Song lyric Law Taarafou LAW TAARAFOU Elissa
Song lyric Law Tearafou LAW TEARAFOU Elissa
Song lyric Lawla El Malama لولا الملامه LAWLA EL MALAMA لولا الملامه Elissa
Song lyric Lola El Malama LOLA EL MALAMA Elissa
Song lyric Ma Ta'rafchi Lei MA TA'RAFCHI LEI Elissa
Song lyric Ma'ash Walakan MA'ASH WALAKAN Elissa
Song lyric Maktooba Leek MAKTOOBA LEEK Elissa
Song lyric Masdoma MASDOMA Elissa
Song lyric Mawtini MAWTINI Elissa
Song lyric Sa'at ساعات SA'AT ساعات Elissa
Song lyric Sa3At SA3AT Elissa
Song lyric Saharna Ya Lail SAHARNA YA LAIL Elissa
Song lyric Saher E'ini SAHER E'INI Elissa
Song lyric Say Goodbye SAY GOODBYE Elissa
Song lyric Te3Ebt Minnak TE3EBT MINNAK Elissa
Song lyric Teebt Mennak TEEBT MENNAK Elissa
Song lyric W Byestehi W BYESTEHI Elissa
Song lyric Wala Baad Senin WALA BAAD SENIN Elissa
Song lyric Ya A'alem YA A'ALEM Elissa
Song lyric Ya Reit YA REIT Elissa
Song lyric فل الحكي فل الحكي Elissa
Song lyric كرهني كرهني Elissa
Song lyric لسه فيها كلام لسه فيها كلام Elissa