Ernie Djohan

Ernie Djohan (born 6 April 1951) is an Indonesian singer + actress.

Ernie Irawaty Djohan is a truly Indonesian diva's 1960-1970's a truly entertainer we must be proud of her extended career from 1962 in Singapore when she started her singing career 46 years she 'll become the legend singer.
Ernie Djohan has several facts:
1) The first Indonesian singer received the golden platinum in 1966 with the legend song"Teluk Bayur" from Remaco,
2)She was the first Indonesian singer has recorded in abroad a way before Anggun back in 1967 with Phillips Rec-Holland,
3)She was 9 years in a row chosen as a the favourite female singer from Puspen TNI from 1966 till 1974,
4)she has her own live concert back in 2001 when celebrated her 50th birthday and 39 years of music career and several movies in Indonesia,(no one in her era 1960's can achieved her track records and she also can compete with the present singer era 2000)
5)She also received the famous female artist in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei era 1960's till 1980's from Malaysian governments in 2007,
6)in 2007 She's doing her show in Geneve, Switzerland with fellow Indonesian diva Ruth Sahanaya,
7)We have the very good news after so many years, finally this year(end of sep).Ernie will released her latest album "The Minang Hits", because she never had an album totally Minang music, only 3 singles back in 60's.
welcome back our favourite Ernie Djohan now she already 57 years ,but still remarkable and amazed so many people.

Song lyric Teluk Bayur TELUK BAYUR Ernie Djohan
Song lyric Mutiara Yang Hilang MUTIARA YANG HILANG Ernie Djohan
Song lyric Kasih Pertama KASIH PERTAMA Ernie Djohan
Song lyric Gambang Semarang GAMBANG SEMARANG Ernie Djohan
Song lyric Kau Selalu di Hatiku KAU SELALU DI HATIKU Ernie Djohan
Song lyric Kunang-Kunang KUNANG-KUNANG Ernie Djohan
Song lyric Sendiri Dan Rahasia SENDIRI DAN RAHASIA Ernie Djohan
Song lyric Senja Dibatas Kota SENJA DIBATAS KOTA Ernie Djohan