John David Jackson (born November 18, 1977 in Brooklyn, New York), better known by his stage name Fabolous, is a Grammy award nominated American rapper, actor and designer signed to Def Jam Records. He released his debut album, Ghetto Fabolous in 2001 and has since released 2003's Street Dreams, 2004's Real Talk and 2007's From Nothin' To Somethin', all of which have collectively sold over four million copies in the United States. His fourth studio album, Loso's Way, was released in July of 2009 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

It takes talent to make the struggle to succeed seem effortless, but that is the gift that separates artists like Brooklyn's John Jackson, aka Fabolous, from the everyday MC. While most rappers spend more and more time convincing the masses of their "hustle," Fabolous lets his work speak for his effort. With two platinum albums (2001's Ghetto Fabolous and 2003's Street Dreams) and one Gold (2004's Real Talk) to his credit, the veteran hitmaker still exudes a rookie-of-the year swagger. After recording for both Elektra and Atlantic Records, Fab is enjoying a home coming with the legendary Def Jam label. His first recorded song was "If They Want It" from DJ Clue's The Professional, which was released by Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam in 1998.

"I had people in my corner already over there," Fab says of DJ Clue and A&R Skane, the Desert Storm duo who discovered Fabolous. "So it wasn't like I was coming to a new neighborhood."

While he doesn't site any one reason for his move, Fabolous has learned a lot from his time in the industry and is eager to capitalize on his experience. "I haven't peaked yet," he explains. "I was happy with the past records, but I have some adversity to learn off of for the future."

It's appropriate that Fabolous is getting a fresh start for his latest release because he wants From Nothin' to Somethin' to be a rebirth for his fans old and new. "Everybody is trying to take what they have and make something more," says Fabolous, explaining the album's title. "It's a new year, everybody's on their hustle, back in the gym and I'm trying to give them some inspiration. This is music to chase your money too, work out--motivation music.

The first single "Make Me Better" is produced by Grammy Award winning producer Timbaland and finds Fabolous doing what he does best; blending radio ready sound beds with clever and memorable lyrics. Rapping that he needs "a Corretta Scott to make me King" Fab picks up with his female fans where "Baby" left off. "It's a great feel good record, it's got a lot of style to it," he says. "I wanted a record that could show that I could touch different people with my music."

Already recognized for his hit-making ability, Fabolous is eager to show the diversity of his technique while staying true to his blueprint for success. On the cocky "Make Money" he cleverly borrows Notorious B.I.G's trademark chuckle to comment on the laugh-ability of his competition: "these dudes is stand up rappers, hip-hop comedians, I start laughin as soon as I put your CD in." His wit and wordplay is not something he gets enough credit for, but the MC is confident people will come around. "Certain people recognize it," he says, "but its like they'll sing it in the shower, but they won't sing it outside. It's all good though. One of them days you gonna get drunk and start singing that song."

Enlisting a whose-who list of guests that includes Akon, Young Jeezy, Ne-Yo and Junior Reed, Fabolous plays to a variety of audiences on this disc, but there is no mistaking that it's his show from beginning to end. The anthemic "Brooklyn" features a yet to be disclosed surprise guest and "Change Up" pairs Fab with singer, producer extraodinaire Akon helping him reflect on his life and career.

"Anytime you become a successful person, people may look at you and say you changed," explains Fabolous, who references the October 2006 shooting that took place outside of Justin's restaurant in the lyrics of the song. "That record just talks about people changing as a person for money, how they carry themselves and treat other people. For me, I might have changed where I live or my number, but I haven't changed as a person…I slid a line or two about what happened in October but I'm not coming out with a bullet proof vest or anything."

The playful "Foggin Up The Windows," produced by Miami's The Runners, features R. Kelly's chopped and screwed vocals from his hit "Ignition" to prop up Fabolous' ode to parkin' lot pimpin' of the more carnal kind.

"I just took it back to trying to get some in the car," he says with a laugh. "Everyone's either done it or tried to get some in the car. It may not have been the place of choice but everybody's had a hotel on wheels."

Other rewind worthy tracks like "Real Playa" featuring Lloyd, "Diamonds" featuring Young Jeezy and the Just Blaze produced "Back To School" round out an impressive collection that makes From Nothin' to Somethin' worth the two-year wait. In his absence no artist has come close to matching his boyish charm, wit and unassuming cool both on and off the mic. With a new team and a pop of his collar Fabolous is indeed "fresh to Def."

"I'm trying to bring good music back to the game," he says confidently. "And anybody that's bringing good music, the hype is gonna follow them."

Song lyric This Is My Party THIS IS MY PARTY Fabolous
Song lyric Keepin' It Gangsta KEEPIN' IT GANGSTA Fabolous
Song lyric Not Give A Fuck NOT GIVE A FUCK Fabolous
Song lyric Can't Deny It CAN'T DENY IT Fabolous
Song lyric Breathe BREATHE Fabolous
Song lyric Damn DAMN Fabolous
Song lyric Trade It All (Part 2) TRADE IT ALL (PART 2) Fabolous
Song lyric One Day ONE DAY Fabolous
Song lyric Change You Or Change Me CHANGE YOU OR CHANGE ME Fabolous
Song lyric Call Me CALL ME Fabolous
Song lyric Into You INTO YOU Fabolous
Song lyric Can't Let You Go CAN'T LET YOU GO Fabolous
Song lyric Forgive Me Father FORGIVE ME FATHER Fabolous
Song lyric Respect RESPECT Fabolous
Song lyric Throw Back THROW BACK Fabolous
Song lyric Never Duplicated NEVER DUPLICATED Fabolous
Song lyric Bad Bitch BAD BITCH Fabolous
Song lyric Ma' Be Easy MA' BE EASY Fabolous
Song lyric Ain't Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit Freestyle AIN'T NUTHIN TA FUCK WIT FREESTYLE Fabolous
Song lyric Choosy (feat. Jeremih & Davido) CHOOSY (FEAT. JEREMIH & DAVIDO) Fabolous
Song lyric Exhibit F EXHIBIT F Fabolous
Song lyric Flipmode FLIPMODE Fabolous
Song lyric Gangsta GANGSTA Fabolous
Song lyric Gone For the Winter GONE FOR THE WINTER Fabolous
Song lyric Gotta Be A Thug GOTTA BE A THUG Fabolous
Song lyric I Miss My Love I MISS MY LOVE Fabolous
Song lyric I Really Like I REALLY LIKE Fabolous
Song lyric I'm Raw I'M RAW Fabolous
Song lyric I'ma Boss I'MA BOSS Fabolous
Song lyric Into You (featuring Tamia) INTO YOU (FEATURING TAMIA) Fabolous
Song lyric It's In The Game IT'S IN THE GAME Fabolous
Song lyric Jokes On You JOKES ON YOU Fabolous
Song lyric Keep It Gangsta KEEP IT GANGSTA Fabolous
Song lyric Keepin It Gangsta (remix) KEEPIN IT GANGSTA (REMIX) Fabolous
Song lyric Life IS So Exciting LIFE IS SO EXCITING Fabolous
Song lyric Lord Knows LORD KNOWS Fabolous
Song lyric Louis Vuitton LOUIS VUITTON Fabolous
Song lyric Mo Brooklyn Mo Harlem Mo Southside MO BROOKLYN MO HARLEM MO SOUTHSIDE Fabolous
Song lyric My Life MY LIFE Fabolous
Song lyric My Time MY TIME Fabolous
Song lyric Next Generation NEXT GENERATION Fabolous
Song lyric Ooh Yea OOH YEA Fabolous
Song lyric Ooh Yea (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) OOH YEA (FEAT. TY DOLLA $IGN) Fabolous
Song lyric Pachanga PACHANGA Fabolous
Song lyric Ready READY Fabolous
Song lyric Real One REAL ONE Fabolous
Song lyric Real Playa Like REAL PLAYA LIKE Fabolous
Song lyric Ride for This RIDE FOR THIS Fabolous
Song lyric Salute SALUTE Fabolous
Song lyric She Wildin' SHE WILDIN' Fabolous
Song lyric Sickalicious SICKALICIOUS Fabolous
Song lyric Sicker Than Yo Average SICKER THAN YO AVERAGE Fabolous
Song lyric So NY SO NY Fabolous
Song lyric Sorry Not Sorry SORRY NOT SORRY Fabolous
Song lyric Steve Jobs Feat Paul Cain STEVE JOBS FEAT PAUL CAIN Fabolous
Song lyric Takin' Pictures TAKIN' PICTURES Fabolous
Song lyric Talk About It TALK ABOUT IT Fabolous
Song lyric The Get Back THE GET BACK Fabolous
Song lyric This Is Family THIS IS FAMILY Fabolous
Song lyric Throw It In the Bag THROW IT IN THE BAG Fabolous
Song lyric Trade It All (Remix) TRADE IT ALL (REMIX) Fabolous
Song lyric Trade It All, Part 2 TRADE IT ALL, PART 2 Fabolous
Song lyric Transformation TRANSFORMATION Fabolous
Song lyric Up On Things UP ON THINGS Fabolous
Song lyric We Don't Give A WE DON'T GIVE A Fabolous
Song lyric What Should I Do WHAT SHOULD I DO Fabolous
Song lyric Why Wouldn't I WHY WOULDN'T I Fabolous
Song lyric Young 'n YOUNG 'N Fabolous