Fobia is a rock band from Mexico City, founded in 1987. They are known for being part of the new generation's "Mexican Rock" (end of the 80's).

Their debut album "Fobia", released in 1990, was a great success. The band later recorded 4 more albums: Mundo Feliz (1991), Leche (1993), Amor Chiquito (1995) and the live album On ice (1997).

The original band split up in 1997 and reunited in 2003 releasing a new album by the name of "Rosa Venus".

The current lineup: Leonardo de Lozanne (Lead singer), Paco Huidobro (Lead guitar), Javier "El Chá!" Ramírez (Bass), Iñaki (Keyboards, Sequences) and Jay De La Cueva (Drums).

Fobia could also refer to a Polish metal band from Łódź. Their-line up is:
» Paweł guitar & voc
» Rycy drums
» Tymek guitar
» Tomek bass

Song lyric Hoy Tengo Miedo HOY TENGO MIEDO Fobia
Song lyric El Microbito EL MICROBITO Fobia
Song lyric Veneno Vil VENENO VIL Fobia
Song lyric El Diablo EL DIABLO Fobia
Song lyric Descontrol DESCONTROL Fobia
Song lyric Hipnotizame HIPNOTIZAME Fobia
Song lyric Me Siento Vivo ME SIENTO VIVO Fobia
Song lyric Regr�same A J�piter REGR�SAME A J�PITER Fobia
Song lyric Revoluci�n Sin Manos REVOLUCI�N SIN MANOS Fobia