There are three bands, and one rapper, named FORBIDDEN.

1) Forbidden was part of the second wave of thrash metal bands which arose from the bay area thrash scene (along with Testament, Death Angel, Vio-Lence, etc.).

Through-out the 1980’s the thrash metal scene was bursting with talent and among the rhythmic collection a band that refused to be labeled in with the so called bay area sound. They were much more than just the next thrash band, they used odd signatures and melodies to create an original style all their own. Originally formed in 1985 as Forbidden Evil by vocalist Russ Anderson, guitarists Craig Locicero and Rob Flynn, bassist Matt Camacho, and drummer Paul Bostaph, in Hayward California Forbidden Evil forged an original style of metal that earned them praise by critics and bands alike. During this time they recorded the 1986 Demos “Endless Slaughter” and “Egypt Has Fallen”.

Their 1988 debut, Forbidden Evil, received largely favorable reviews and they set out on the road with fellow thrashers Exodus, Death Angel, and Testament. Forbidden then recorded a live EP at the 1989 Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven, entitled Raw Evil: Live at the Dynamo.

In 1990’s Twisted Into Form — another classic thrash album to go down in history. Then, like many of their peers, Forbidden fell prey to the dwindling interest in thrash metal symptomatic of the early ’90s, and a 1992 best-of collection called Point Of No Return seemed like the end of the road. Yet the band persisted, and replaced drummer Bostaph when he joined Slayer in 1994. New drummer Steve Jacobs joined the group for 1995’s Distortion and Green in 1997. Guitarist Calvert went on to join metal band Nevermore, while Locicero, Camacho, and Jacobs formed Manmade God.

Forbidden announced their set of reunion shows in 2008. After the reunion shows, Forbidden decided to write a new album and again take their place on the forefront of Thrash Metal contenders.

In 2010 Forbidden is signed to Nuclear Blast Records and puts out one of the best albums to come out of the thrash world in years, with Omega Wave.

Forbidden is:
Russ Anderson
Craig Locicero
Steve Smyth
Matt Camacho
Mark Hernandez

2) Hardcore/Hatecore band from USA.
3) Local UK band formed by Chloe Dickinson
4) Hip-hop musician from Baltimore, Maryland. He released one album, Tha Only Child, in 2004.

Song lyric Blank BLANK Forbidden
Song lyric Chalice of Blood CHALICE OF BLOOD Forbidden
Song lyric Distortion DISTORTION Forbidden
Song lyric Infinite INFINITE Forbidden
Song lyric Step by Step STEP BY STEP Forbidden