Through some member changes, fukuro has develop it’s music style, which is chaotic alternative instrumental sound, with minimal-phrase whirling around.
That sound has been spoken about by Now-very popular , who are ex-schoolmate and their junior, that they have referenced their music on fukuro’s.
Fukuro’s live performance which stir up the audience with strong trance became popular by word of mouth, they have played at Enban Janborie 2006, appeared with Hair Stylistics( Masaya Nakahara) at the event organized by Nisennenmondai. They also have played along with melt banana, KATSUREI, Panic smile, Kruucrew, mouse on the keys and THE ETERNALS.
They have strong connection with post rock scene, likes of TOE. Also when Umeki ( now a drummer of Kowloon) was playing with the band, 2006, they have self released CDR 「fukuro」.
Takayama(drums) in 2006, Shinma(bass) in 2007, have joined the band, and they have released a second album “Vigaga” from Bijin records which is a self run label of Nisennenmondai, sharpening it’s aggressiveness and centripetal force.
Fukuro’s sound which could be described as something like experimental free rock, with minimal phrase and psychedelic noise piercing, You can find influence from noise-alternative rock sound like Silver apples and Sonic youth, and also there is some connection with Post club Rock such as MOGWAI and FRIDGE, or BLACK DICE and BATTLES, which is a recent N.Y. alternative scene.