G-Unit, an abbreviation for Guerrilla Unit, is a rap group founded by 50 Cent. The group first garnered a following in the underground New York scene by independently releasing several mixtapes. The group's founder, Queens-based rapper 50 Cent, officially brought the group mainstream success by establishing it as a division at Interscope Records. Since signing to the label, G-Unit's members have released solo albums.

G-Unit was founded shortly after 50 Cent left Columbia Records. The original members were: 50 Cent, Bang Em Smurf, Domination, Lloyd Banks, Sha Money XL & Tony Yayo. These rappers collectively established the group as a whole in 2000; however, after Yayo got a prison sentence 50 Cent signed Young Buck and along with himself and Banks became the three faces of G-Unit. Smurf and Domination left the group due to some problems with the General, 50 Cent.

After being shot, 50 Cent signed to Interscope Records. Due to the success of his commercial debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin', he was granted his own record label. This was when 50 and Sha Money XL founded G-Unit Records.

The group continued to work hard and released several mixtape series which earned them a lot of attention in the rap industry. The most prominent of these being 50 Cent Is the Future, God's Plan, No Mercy, No Fear and Automatic Gunfire. G-Unit have also started a mixtape series with their DJ, DJ Whoo Kid, called G-Unit Radio.

These mixtapes gave them a gigantic buzz throughout New York City, which eventually led to 50's first solo album Get Rich or Die Tryin' selling over 12 million copies.

Before the group had a chance to record its debut album, Tony Yayo was sentenced to prison for a gun-possession charge as well as bail-jumping. During Tony Yayo's prison sentence, the group signed Nashville rapper, Young Buck. They continued their activity, working on yet more mixtape recordings. In particular, their 'G-Unit Remix' to 50 Cent's "P.I.M.P." was successful.

During Tony Yayo's prison sentence, G-Unit recorded their debut album, Beg for Mercy. The album was quickly released on November 14, 2003 to combat bootlegging and had significant commercial success. Tony Yayo made only two appearances on the album, both on songs that were recorded before his arrest. The album peaked at #2 on the Billboard charts and sold over 4 million units.

50 Cent later went on to sign The Game, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., Olivia, Spider Loc andMase. The Game was asked to be put in the group by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. 50 Cent agreed, and gave 7 of his records which was supposed to go on his second LP The Massacre. After The Game went on the radio and said that he had no problems with some rappers 50 Cent had issues with, 50 felt that Game was disloyal and kicked him out of the group, which lead to the infamous G-Unit vs. The Game/Black Wallstreet meet and beat off.

Song lyric Poppin' Them Thangs POPPIN' THEM THANGS G-Unit
Song lyric Wanna Get To Know You WANNA GET TO KNOW YOU G-Unit
Song lyric Smile SMILE G-Unit
Song lyric I'm So Hood I'M SO HOOD G-Unit
Song lyric Beg For Mercy BEG FOR MERCY G-Unit
Song lyric Gangsta Shit GANGSTA SHIT G-Unit
Song lyric Lay You Down LAY YOU DOWN G-Unit
Song lyric My Buddy MY BUDDY G-Unit
Song lyric Groupie Love GROUPIE LOVE G-Unit
Song lyric Footprints FOOTPRINTS G-Unit
Song lyric I Smell Pussy I SMELL PUSSY G-Unit
Song lyric Stunt 101 STUNT 101 G-Unit
Song lyric Baby U Got BABY U GOT G-Unit
Song lyric Poppin Them Thangs POPPIN THEM THANGS G-Unit
Song lyric 300 Shots 300 SHOTS G-Unit
Song lyric 50/Banks 50/BANKS G-Unit
Song lyric 8 More Miles 8 MORE MILES G-Unit
Song lyric Baby If You Get on Your Knees BABY IF YOU GET ON YOUR KNEES G-Unit
Song lyric Betta Ask Sombody BETTA ASK SOMBODY G-Unit
Song lyric Better Ask Somebody BETTER ASK SOMEBODY G-Unit
Song lyric Caddillac Pimpin CADDILLAC PIMPIN G-Unit
Song lyric Catch Me in the Hood CATCH ME IN THE HOOD G-Unit
Song lyric Choose One CHOOSE ONE G-Unit
Song lyric Coke Life COKE LIFE G-Unit
Song lyric Cuffing Season CUFFING SEASON G-Unit
Song lyric Dead a Pussy Nigga DEAD A PUSSY NIGGA G-Unit
Song lyric Digital Scale DIGITAL SCALE G-Unit
Song lyric Eye for Eye EYE FOR EYE G-Unit
Song lyric G'd Up G'D UP G-Unit
Song lyric G-unit G-UNIT G-Unit
Song lyric Gunz for Sale GUNZ FOR SALE G-Unit
Song lyric I Like the Way She Do It I LIKE THE WAY SHE DO IT G-Unit
Song lyric I'm Grown I'M GROWN G-Unit
Song lyric I'm So Sorry I'M SO SORRY G-Unit
Song lyric If You Want It IF YOU WANT IT G-Unit
Song lyric Let It Go LET IT GO G-Unit
Song lyric Money Make the World Go Round MONEY MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND G-Unit
Song lyric Move That Dope MOVE THAT DOPE G-Unit
Song lyric Nah I'm Talking 'Bout NAH I'M TALKING 'BOUT G-Unit
Song lyric Party Ain't Over (feat. Young Buck) PARTY AIN'T OVER (FEAT. YOUNG BUCK) G-Unit
Song lyric Piano Man PIANO MAN G-Unit
Song lyric Poppin' Them Hangs POPPIN' THEM HANGS G-Unit
Song lyric Poppin’ Them Thangs POPPIN’ THEM THANGS G-Unit
Song lyric Ready or Not READY OR NOT G-Unit
Song lyric Realest Killaz REALEST KILLAZ G-Unit
Song lyric Rider Pt. 2 RIDER PT. 2 G Unit
Song lyric Salute U SALUTE U G-Unit
Song lyric Salute You SALUTE YOU G-Unit
Song lyric Straight Outta Southside STRAIGHT OUTTA SOUTHSIDE G-Unit
Song lyric The Grind THE GRIND G-Unit
Song lyric The Mechanic THE MECHANIC G Unit
Song lyric U Should Be Here U SHOULD BE HERE G-Unit
Song lyric Unconditionally UNCONDITIONALLY G-Unit
Song lyric You So Tough YOU SO TOUGH G-Unit