Gabe Bondoc

Gabe Bondoc is an indie pop/acoustic artist based in San Mateo, California. He is of full Filipino descent. He rose to fame with his One Take Sessions of famous songs and his own compositions in video blogging site, Youtube.

Since then, he has held a lot of shows across the West Coast. He has released two EPs, "Gentlemen Don't" (2006) and "Hi, My Name is Gabe" (2007).

In 2010, Gabe released his first full album named the "Timing LP" featuring full length recordings of some of his original songs. In 2014, he released his second full album named "Honestly".

Song lyric Gentlemen Don't GENTLEMEN DON'T Gabe Bondoc
Song lyric If We'd Never Met IF WE'D NEVER MET Gabe Bondoc
Song lyric The One THE ONE Gabe Bondoc