Garasi is an Indonesian rock trio formed in 2005 as a fictional band for the movie with the title "GARASI". But then the members of Garasi decided to stay as a band after the movie was done. The band consist of Aiu Ratna (Vocalist), Aries Budiman (Drummer), and Fedi Nuril (Guitarist, Keyboardist, Sequencer, Backing Vocal). Their debut album, "Garasi" was released as an original soundtracks of the movie they starred in, contains 9 tracks, one of them is the song that made them popular: "Hilang". Their second album, "Garasi II" was released in 2008. The single in this album is "Tak ada Lagi" and their 2nd single in this album is "Aggressive Trance". But in the middle of their 2nd album promo tour, the vocalist, Aiu Ratna is officially left the band and started a new career as soloist artist below indie label. And she had several performances at Japan. After several time do audition to find their new vocalist, Garasi finally back with their brand new vocalist, HIGIN. Actually, Higin is a fan of Garasi and also Aries's musical colleague who have unique vocal with androgyny style and the ability to write songs. They also add Wembri as their official member. Wembri already perform as bassist in various concerts of Garasi in earlier formations. GΛRΛSI will release their new album "Kembali" in this July with new formation and new style.

Song lyric Hilang HILANG Garasi
Song lyric Bukan BUKAN Garasi
Song lyric Tak Ada Lagi TAK ADA LAGI Garasi
Song lyric Ketika KETIKA Garasi
Song lyric Lelah LELAH Garasi
Song lyric Ingin Kau Kembali INGIN KAU KEMBALI Garasi
Song lyric Salam Untuk Dia SALAM UNTUK DIA Garasi
Song lyric Duakan Aku DUAKAN AKU Garasi
Song lyric Hidup Hanya Sekali HIDUP HANYA SEKALI Garasi
Song lyric Posesif POSESIF Garasi
Song lyric Luna LUNA Garasi
Song lyric Full Moon FULL MOON Garasi
Song lyric Aggresive Trance AGGRESIVE TRANCE Garasi
Song lyric D.K.A.D. D.K.A.D. Garasi
Song lyric Diam DIAM Garasi
Song lyric Nothing Gonna Last NOTHING GONNA LAST Garasi
Song lyric Possessive POSSESSIVE Garasi
Song lyric Tak Ada Lagi (reff) TAK ADA LAGI (REFF) Garasi
Song lyric Teriak TERIAK Garasi