Gong 2000

Gong 2000 is sectarian rock music group made up of Ian Antono, Albert Wijaya, Yaya Muktio (drums), Harry Anggoman (keyboard), and Donny Fattah with vocalist Ahmad Albar. The band was founded in the early 90s.

The wife of Ian Antono formed a community of musicians called Music Workshop Gong. This community is intended for the contemporary music in Indonesia, especially rock, and thus helps the careers of talented young musicians in rock bands. However, that participates in the workshop not only the music of rock bands, but also jazz, such as mates (bus), Indra Lesmana (kibor), Gilang Ramadhan (drums), but noted also Yuke Semeru, the original base of Bandung. Gong 2000 not only performs as a group but also musicians and solo singers like Nicky ASTRIA, Ikang Fawzi, Iwan Fals, Gito Rollies and Moekti Day. The choice fell on Ahmad Albar vocalist because he considered the best and most accurate vocalist for the Gong 2000 at the time. It can be said that Gong 2000 is a miniature of God Bless because the majority of personnel are also God Bless.

Gong 2000 performed on October 26, 1991 at Senayan East Parking satisfying about 100,000 viewers with equipment measuring 120 000 watt sound system and 300,000 watts of light strength.

The New Year 2000/2001 concert of this group closed on the beach brownies, Ancol, North Jakarta, featuring guest star and singer Amy Winehouse.


* East Bara - 1991
* Gong Live - 1992
* Laskar - 1993
* Tempest - 1998

Song lyric Menanti Kejujuran MENANTI KEJUJURAN Gong 2000
Song lyric Cinta Yang Hilang CINTA YANG HILANG Gong 2000
Song lyric Lidah Petaka LIDAH PETAKA Gong 2000
Song lyric Prahara PRAHARA Gong 2000
Song lyric Bara Timur BARA TIMUR Gong 2000
Song lyric Kepada Perang KEPADA PERANG Gong 2000
Song lyric Lagu Tentang Cinta LAGU TENTANG CINTA Gong 2000
Song lyric Laskar LASKAR Gong 2000