goodboy badminton

Goodboybadminton are 5 people who hates their jobs, and have almost no time to be rude and cool in public! Somehow these people met each other and formed a band which makes music based on the different colours of each person's personality.

But we all do like to be in the same band which is connecting us to each other and makes us say "yes this band is awesome!" For example: Mutt is into Folk Emo Rock and Indie Rock, while Neith is more into super Indie Rock music, Sein is more like Old Metal Hardcore, Yuwan is more into oldies rock and roll and for Doni there is only one word: "SHELTER"

We combine all those type of music on our minds and put it together into our songs. We combine this with lyrics that are telling about how much we hate our jobs!, getting stuck in College, out of money to buy coffee and new skateboards, goodbyes, fear of becoming the worst designer or architect in the world, and how hard and mean the world is now! and also we can't avoid making some stupid love songs like everyone else!

And now here we are, trying to hit all the stages around with our tunes, and we are absolutely not into drugs anytime, anywhere except for magic mushroom (which is not drugs and still legal in Indonesia!) sometimes when we are in Bali. so try to fit our fat asses into your shows and lets have fun with us. Coz life with music is just awesome!