Goose house

Goose House is a band from Japan originally formed under the name "PlayYou.House". PlayYou.House was a project from Sony WALKMAN to make a house that consist of many talented youngsters and make their own music and streamed it live once every week. The members are Hana Sekitori, d-Ize, Rioka Kanda, Saito Johnny, Kei Takebuchi, Shuhei Kudo, and Masahide Kimura.

They held their first live stage event in 18 December 2010. In this event, they sold their own official goods and CD debut, titled "Sing".

Later, they decided to change their name to Goose House because the member was increasing, and if they're making a lot of noise it would sounded like a goose. Their first live streaming as Goose House was held in 7 May 2011.

In 2014, their song was used in several anime. Start with Oto no naru hou e as opening of anime Gin no Saji, and Hikaru Nara as opening of anime Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso following later in the same year.

Current Members:
Shuhei Kudo (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, HBB)
Shuhei Watanabe (Vocals, Guitar, Bass)
Johnny Saito (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin)
Kei Takebuchi (Vocals, Piano)
Migiwa Takezawa (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Drums)
Manami (Vocals, Guitar)
Sayaka (Vocals, Piano)

Hana Sekitori (PlayYou.House)
Chihiro Nakamura(PlayYou.House)
Masahide Kimura (Vocals, Piano)
Rioka Kanda (Vocals, Piano)
d-iZe (Leader, Vocals, Piano, Trumpet)

Phrase #01 (2011)
Phrase #02 Sky (2011)
Phrase #03 Wandering (2012)
Phrase #04 Beautiful Life (2012)
Phrase #05 「この指とまれ」 (Kono yubi tomare) (2013)
Phrase #06 「サクラへ」 (Sakura e) (2013)
Phrase #07 Soundtrack? (2013)
Phrase #08 オトノナルホウヘ→/恋はヒラひらり (Oto no naru hou e→ / Koi wa hira hirari) (2014)
Phrase #09 光るなら (Hikaru Nara) (2014)
Phrase #10 Milk (2015)
Phrase #11 Bitter (2015)

Song lyric Egao No Hana EGAO NO HANA Goose house
Song lyric Hikarunara HIKARUNARA Goose house
Song lyric Humming Bird HUMMING BIRD Goose house
Song lyric Koi Suru Merry Go Round KOI SURU MERRY GO ROUND Goose house
Song lyric LIFE LIFE Goose house
Song lyric MUSIC~涙の虹~ MUSIC~涙の虹~ Goose house
Song lyric NonStop!Journey NONSTOP!JOURNEY Goose house
Song lyric Oto No Naru Houe OTO NO NARU HOUE Goose house
Song lyric Sing SING Goose house
Song lyric バーチャル#9 バーチャル#9 Goose house
Song lyric 何もかも有り余っている こんな時代も 何もかも有り余っている こんな時代も Goose house
Song lyric 僕らだけの等身大 僕らだけの等身大 Goose house
Song lyric 光るなら 光るなら Goose house