Originally formed as a two-piece black metal project in 2005, goreshit drastically changed their sound shortly after coming into existence and began creating what has become known as 'lolicore', releasing their debut EP "わたしわばかやろです" (incidentally the only goreshit release featuring both band members) in 2006.

Since then (and as a one man project) goreshit has expanded into producing music in various styles including (but not limited to) more 'traditional' breakcore, speedcore, idm, drum and bass, dubstep, dancecore, mashcore as well as further refining his lolicore sound.

goreshit's tracks have appeared on several compilations and he has put out a number of full length albums and splits for free (mostly self-released but occasionally on netlabels such as Dance Corps). He has recently started performing live shows, the first of which was in Edinburgh, Scotland at the second INST/DEL breakcore party. (Footage from the show can be found here.)

He also has an ambient project called hana sumai and a black metal one, called Wounder.

Official website:

Chippenham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Song lyric All Alone ALL ALONE Goreshit
Song lyric Beautiful Loli Thing BEAUTIFUL LOLI THING Goreshit