GTA may refer to several artists:

1) a hip-hop group from Oxford - U.K. Formed of Junior Doctor Chima Anya and Ineff, established in 2004 - they consider themselves "Hip-hop's last chance" .
2) Breakbeat and jungle project of DJ Uncle Noah. Originally named "DTA" to stand for 'Davis Techno Alliance' - an homoage to DJs Jeyson and Marcone/Hannibal Selecta who Uncle Noah met in Davis, CA. The project was renamed "GTA" upon settling in southern California.
3) Hard house artist.

It may also refer to a popular video game soundtrack. If so please fix your tags.

Song lyric Booty Bounce BOOTY BOUNCE GTA
Song lyric FK IT FK IT GTA
Song lyric Goons GOONS GTA
Song lyric Little Bit of This (feat. Vince Staples) LITTLE BIT OF THIS (FEAT. VINCE STAPLES) GTA
Song lyric Mic Check MIC CHECK GTA
Song lyric Red Lips RED LIPS GTA