Hafiz Hamidun

A rising star for Malaysia's nasyid and music industry. His first debut in music industry was when he joined the pop nasyid group - UNIC. After that, he made a solo album, with self-titled - Hafiz Hamidun in 2007. The album was a success as he won many awards. The next album he produced was Syukran [2009] . The song - For Allah managed to enter Turkey's chart, as it is being played on the country's radios. Being labeled as Sami Yusuf Malaysia, Hafiz Hamidun produced several zikir albums and one under his name, Zikir Terapi Diri.

Aside from composing nasyid songs, he was also responsible for arranging music score for several local fillms such as Nur Kasih and Juvana.

His awards included Top Young Composer 2009, Best Arranger AIM 2008, Best Pop Ethnic Album Producer 2008, and Best Song MACP 2008.

He is a national TV host as well. He owns his own studio under laber Arteffects Production and actively composing music.

Song lyric Janjiku JANJIKU Hafiz Hamidun
Song lyric Kasih Padamu KASIH PADAMU Hafiz Hamidun