Hammerforce is independent Power/Progressive Synth Driven Metal band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It released 2 full length albums: "Dice" (2009) and "Access Denied" (2013). Band's music is unconventional mixture of solid guitar riffs, impressive Electro/Trance synths, high-pitched Heavy Metal vocals and sudden Progressive interludes, all performed and recorded on the highest production level.

The story began in 2006 when Nikita Merzlyakov and Ilya Kapralov after playing for several years in local live Power/Prog Metal band Legioner decided to bring their music to the new level. The main idea was to show that guys from Russia can record good Metal album. It was a hard quest. Lots of obstacles were gotten over: misunderstanding of people, lack of equipment, time, money and information.

Finally in 2009 first full length Hammerforce’s album “Dice” was released. It was the moment of glory. But time passed, gigs were played, and there wasn't much progress due to weak promotion, bad situation with Metal in Russia and controversies inside the band which grew day by day and ended up with parting with vocalist Nikita Valamin. It was sad situation but it was the only way for both sides. The band gave up playing live and after some time of depression Ilya Kapralov and Nikita Merzlyakov started to work on material for the new album joined by vocalist Dmitriy “Ian Breeg” Yanovskiy.

The idea of the new album was not only to show that Hammerforce can record even better album but also make people think more about their lives, society and make it all better. That’s why all the lyrics on “Access Denied” were devoted to modern social problems. Why to sing about dragons or devil when you can focus your efforts on helping real world to get better? Nikita decided to produce, record, mix and master second album by himself at his private studio as his sound production abilities had increased significantly since the first album. This approach helped to get even better results, precisely control every aspect of recording, give no compromise to third party producers and sound engineers and make album sounding exactly as band wanted it to sound.

After a long hardworking time and many problems left behind the second album “Access Denied” was released on 27th of March, 2013. It is available on CD through band’s official Bandcamp ( as well as digital download from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and other major sites.

Now the band is working on version of “Access Denied” with Russian lyrics written by Kate Sergeeva. Also instrumental (Karaoke) version is going to be released. Work on new material for the third album has already begun as well.

Listen to the new album “Access Denied” and get ready to hear more from Hammerforce soon!

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