Jonathan Hellberg has always been hungry to prove his musical prowess to the world. Hailing from Stockholm, Hellberg first began his musical knack in the form of one-man-shows for his family on makeshift instruments. By the age of 13, he was introduced to the world of producing and DJ culture through a school friend who was experimenting with mashups. From that discovery, Hellberg began to tinker on FL Studio, seeing how far he could push himself. Creating a slew of both hip hop beats and house tracks, Hellberg eventually turned to honing his craft in the dance music world.

Fast forward to today, Hellberg has become a valued family member of Monstercat by embodying everything the label is about: fearless experimentation, holding himself to a standard of perfection, and a disregard for the status quo. The future is nothing if not extremely promising for Hellberg.

Song lyric Air AIR Hellberg
Song lyric Dimensions DIMENSIONS Hellberg
Song lyric Headlights HEADLIGHTS Hellberg
Song lyric Hey Mama HEY MAMA Hellberg
Song lyric Synchronize SYNCHRONIZE Hellberg
Song lyric The Girl THE GIRL Hellberg