There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Her is a French soul band from Rennes. Formed in 2015, it is composed of Simon Carpentier and Victor Solf. The name of the group, which means "to herself" in English , was chosen by her two members to represent the cause of women and feminism.
After living for some time in the United States , Simon Carpentier met Victor Solf, who had returned from Germany, to the lycée Émile-Zola in Rennes where they created their first tracks at the age of sixteen. They later enter the conservatory to learn classical music which will help them in the composition and harmonies of their titles. For six years, they were members of electro pop group Ropes The Popopopops , founded in 2007, with which they make two EP , followed by an album entitled Swell and several concerts.

Her was founded in April 2015 and released their first EP Her Tape # 1 . Their first singles are Quite Like 5 and Five Minutes 6 . The video clip of the song Quite Like was made by Raphael Frydman and produced by Partizan. It depicts feminine beauty and softness under the guise of a young woman mimicking every word whispered by the duo.
Simon Carpentier died on August 13, 2017 of a cancer.

2) HER, a country-rock band from New York (now Her & Kings County)
3) Her, a band from Poland.
4) HER, a temporary name for the Finnish band HIM during their tour of the U.S. while releasing "Razorblade Romance".
5) HER, an all-girl rock band from London, Ontario, Canada, featuring Rose Cora Perry (Anti-Hero/The Reckoning) & Trish Doan (Kittie).
6) her is an electronic duo made up of vocalist and songwriter unmo and trackmaker Tsudio Studio (Naoki Tsuji) See

Song lyric 21 21 H.E.R.
Song lyric Against Me AGAINST ME H.E.R.
Song lyric Avenue AVENUE H.E.R.
Song lyric Best Part BEST PART H.E.R.
Song lyric Blossom Roses BLOSSOM ROSES Her
Song lyric Carried Away CARRIED AWAY H.E.R.
Song lyric Changes CHANGES H.E.R.
Song lyric Could've Been COULD'VE BEEN H.E.R.
Song lyric Every Kind of Way EVERY KIND OF WAY H.E.R.
Song lyric Facts FACTS H.E.R.
Song lyric Focus FOCUS H.E.R.
Song lyric Good To Me GOOD TO ME H.E.R.
Song lyric Hard Place HARD PLACE H.E.R.
Song lyric I Won't I WON'T H.E.R.
Song lyric Jungle JUNGLE H.E.R.
Song lyric Lord Is Coming LORD IS COMING H.E.R.
Song lyric Losing LOSING H.E.R.
Song lyric My Song MY SONG H.E.R.
Song lyric Racks RACKS H.E.R.
Song lyric Rather Be RATHER BE H.E.R.
Song lyric Slide (feat. YG) SLIDE (FEAT. YG) H.E.R.
Song lyric Something Keeps Pulling Me Back SOMETHING KEEPS PULLING ME BACK H.E.R.
Song lyric Still Down STILL DOWN H.E.R.
Song lyric Wait For It WAIT FOR IT H.E.R.