HNRK ( a.k.a kid HNRK )


Can you tell us something about your everyday life? What are you doing, when you're not busy with music?
I'm currently studying at university and when I'm not being busy making music i pretty much either sleep, study or talk to people url / irl.

How did you decide to make some records? What was the starting point of your career?
The starting point for me basically was me wanting to work with Lil B. His music really got to me so i decided as i was already playing around with garageband that i might try to make something with him so i basically started making beats and send them all to him.

How did you meet TeamSESH?
I found out about Bones and TeamSesh through my broe Jayyeah when he retweeted his music on twitter. i just thought i could send him some of my recent work so i just did, then we just started talking and i kept on sending him stuff and throughout the time i got to know the other members and became friends with everyone.

What can inspire you?
Mostly my current mood, going to cool places like aquariums, deep sea animal documentaries, late night train rides and japanese horror movies.

Do you have your favourite producers? Who is one of the most interesting nowadays, in your opinion?
My current favourite producer is Bine, he has a v unique and distinct sound but i have a lot of favourites like agile, grxgvr, kamandi, misogi, greaf, drk, falls, drip-133, terio, klimeks, voduz, smitty the bg, tv nicks, drew the architect, jayyeah, eastghost, kodyak, zzz, lou pocus and many moreā€¦