Hossein Rahmati (born 1987 / Persian: حسین رحمتی), better known by his stage name ho3ein is a Persian rapper. Ho3ein learned his trade while growing up in Mashhad, Iran, Islamic Republic of.
He started the band (051) along with some of his friends. In 2004, He released his first track named "To Zendeh Mimooni" with the band. His second track with the band named "Kal Kal Nakon" was the first dis-track of the Persian rap history.
After a while, the band dissipated and he went on a hiatus for 3 years. he went to Armenia for academic education. There, he met Sadegh and decided to continue his career. Then his first track after 3 years of silence named "Hasrat" was released.

Song lyric 12 Be Bad 12 BE BAD Ho3ein
Song lyric Chalim 2 CHALIM 2 Ho3ein
Song lyric Delkhoshi DELKHOSHI Ho3ein
Song lyric Didgah DIDGAH Ho3ein
Song lyric Gorg GORG Ho3ein
Song lyric Haghighat HAGHIGHAT Ho3ein
Song lyric Kalameye Oboor KALAMEYE OBOOR Ho3ein
Song lyric Khiyaboon KHIYABOON Ho3ein