Hopesfall was a melodic hardcore / post-hardcore band from Charlotte, North Carolina formed in 1998. They were signed to Trustkill Records.

As of 2007, no original members remained and by 2008 the band had declared to have broken up on their MySpace. This was due to problems with the record label Trustkill, revealed on "Ryan's Rock Show".

Hopesfall started as a Post-Hardcore band in 1998. They released their first album, The Frailty of Words, soon after on the Christian hardcore / punk label DTS Records. Although The Frailty of Words remains to this day their longest album, it has been out of print for many years and is no longer acknowledged by the band on their website. Much of their popularity came later with 2001's No Wings to Speak Of EP. Shortly after the EP was released and a few member changes later, Hopesfall released The Satellite Years to moderate success and great reviews. The album broke down the barriers of the metal sound found on earlier recordings and brought forth a beautifully aggressive yet melodic new Hopesfall.

In 2004, the band released A Types, an early nineties grunge inspired and softer sound. The album is almost completely devoid of the high-end screaming or the long melodic interludes that filled The Satellite Years. The dramatic change in sound has resulted in some distaste from older purist fans though it brought the band a whole new fanbase. Only two members that played on The Satellite Years returned to the studio for A Types (vocalist Jay Forrest and founding member/guitarist Joshua Brigham)

Former drummer Adam Morgan returned to the band in late 2005, following Adam Baker's departure. However, he has left the band since then and was replaced by Jason Trabue.

Their latest album, titled Magnetic North, was released on May 15, 2007. Chandler Owen contributed artwork for the release, and has designed all releases to date.

Hopesfall announced their break up in January of 2008. According to the group, "[Hopesfall] has broken up and we have all moved on to other things in our lives. Why the break up? Well it's a long story."
As of late 2009 there have been reports of a Magnetic North B-side/new material EP that would be released through Trustkill but reports of a Hopesfall reunion are non-existent.

Song lyric Dead In Magazines DEAD IN MAGAZINES Hopesfall
Song lyric Waitress WAITRESS Hopesfall
Song lyric Decoys Like Curves DECOYS LIKE CURVES Hopesfall
Song lyric The Bending THE BENDING Hopesfall
Song lyric Dana Walker DANA WALKER Hopesfall
Song lyric Only The Clouds ONLY THE CLOUDS Hopesfall
Song lyric A Man Exits A MAN EXITS Hopesfall
Song lyric April Left With Silence APRIL LEFT WITH SILENCE Hopesfall
Song lyric The End Of An Era THE END OF AN ERA Hopesfall
Song lyric The Far Pavilions THE FAR PAVILIONS Hopesfall
Song lyric Open Hand To The Wind OPEN HAND TO THE WIND Hopesfall