HUJAN - Formed in early 2006, this wave-worthy band from Malaysia consists of Noh on vocals and 2nd guitar, Dimas on bass, AG Coco on 1st guitar and Ambobzeela on drums. Influenced by a diverse range of bands which include the likes of The Strokes, Butterfingers, and even Pot Amir Radiostaq (ROSIN), Hujan prefers to classify their music as alternative rock and has no qualms about delivering their material in Malay. Living and breathing the element they take their name after, their music alternates between the light, heavy and the torrential storm a reflection of the many stories, moods and agendas embedded in their songs. They sing about everything from love, God, family and to the happenings of the world. last but not least, nak amik kesempatan dengan berterima kasih kepada penyokong2 HUJAN yakni RAINGERS!.., band band local dan luar negara yang memberi sokongan dan semangat kepada HUJAN, awek awek, dan kepada yang sudah membeli cd HUJAN, kawan2 di myspace, dan kamu semua. TERIMA KASIH!

Song lyric Pagi Yang Gelap PAGI YANG GELAP Hujan
Song lyric Bila Aku Sudah Tiada BILA AKU SUDAH TIADA Hujan
Song lyric Ahmoi Chantek AHMOI CHANTEK Hujan
Song lyric Aku Scandal AKU SCANDAL Hujan
Song lyric Dugaannya DUGAANNYA Hujan
Song lyric Empayarmu EMPAYARMU Hujan
Song lyric Jangan Lupakan Aku JANGAN LUPAKAN AKU Hujan
Song lyric Jika Sempat JIKA SEMPAT Hujan
Song lyric Jiwa Kelajuan JIWA KELAJUAN Hujan
Song lyric Kamar Sepi KAMAR SEPI Hujan
Song lyric Kotak Hati KOTAK HATI Hujan
Song lyric Ku Mahu Kau Tahu KU MAHU KAU TAHU Hujan
Song lyric Muda MUDA Hujan
Song lyric Obsesi OBSESI Hujan
Song lyric Papa Mama PAPA MAMA Hujan
Song lyric Pemicu Gila PEMICU GILA Hujan
Song lyric Pijak Hatiku PIJAK HATIKU Hujan