The young Persian-American artist merges Middle Eastern melodies and words along with Western influenced jazz, trance, and pop sounds to create an energized, powerful musical experience all of his own. Idin (Persian: آیدین) uses his phenomenal "Voice" as more than just a sound, but as an instrument unto itself that seamlessly blends the different musical influences to produce what is sure to develop into an entirely new genre of music. Idin is clearly the new "Voice" of his generation.

For Idin, music is not just something to listen to..."I don't just listen to a song, I breathe it, I live it. Music is my life energy and inspiration, just as my mother is to me, famous Persian singer, Shourangiz. I grew up in a household where music and singing was just as important as our daily meal, I couldn't, and still can't go through a single day without singing for a couple of hours. Some people cry when they're sad, some people go out and run when they're angry; I sing, I listen to music, I write lyrics and I create sounds." -Idin

Born in Anaheim, California on March 8, 1984, Idin is still strongly influenced by his Persian heritage. When Avang Music gave Idin the chance to work on his own original album in 2003, Idin relished the opportunity. Since then, two successful albums have been released. "The Voice" released in the fall of 2004, which won Iran international recognition out of 26 countries at the Asian International Song Festival, in Goa, India, winning Iran first place with his hit song, "Dooset Daram". "Guess" released in the fall of 2006, which included hit songs such as "Yadam Toro Faramoosh", "Hads Bezan", "Yeckie Nist" and "Iran"., the largest online store for Middle Eastern music, states "Idin is truly a unique and pioneering force in the Persian music industry." Avang Music Co. continues to celebrate their young artists success and as quoted by the record label themselves in a widely respected Persian entertainment magazine known as "Javanan", it was stated: "Idin is quite clearly the hope of Avang Music Company's future".

"I thank and respect all the Persian singers who have helped keep Iran's music alive to date, and allowed young singers like myself, with a new spin on Persian music, to express ourselves and take Persian music to a new generation. My goal is to create music that all cultures and nationalities can listen to and enjoy regardless of the language barrier. In my opinion good music doesn't have to be in a language you understand, it simply has to move you and emotionally touch you. My music may not be for anyone, or it might be for everyone...time will tell." -Idin