Iklim is a rock band from Malaysia which was formed in 1989. This group is synonymous with the delivery of rock and rhythmic slow songs (slow rock).

Iklim's debut album, Satu Kesan Abadi (1990) (An Everlasting Effect), was released in 1993 under SCS Record, now known as the Rock Record of Malaysia. Satu Kesan Abadi became platinum and spawned several hit singles in 1991.

Iklim was founded in Terengganu, a state in Malaysia, and began when AM Salim Abdul Majeed, or Saleem Iklim, in 1988, appointed a number of friends and young villagers to establish the concept of a singing group thus forming his own rock band with him as lead singer. In early 1989, before the band's name became famous, Iklim often held a performance at the social club / night club, exclusive invitations and wedding ceremonies around the state.

In 1990, SCS Record, now known as the Rock Record of Malaysia put their trust on Iklim to make their first album recording. Their first debut single, Suci Dalam Debu (Pureness within the Dust) became a top single hit. Other singles; Hakikat Sebuah Cinta , Satu Kesan Abadi , Sandiwara Cinta Semusim Ammarah Bujang Kota and Seribu Penghargaan managed to increase rock songs' popularity in Malaysia and Indonesia during early-1990's.

Originally, the Iklim group comprises of five young people from the city; they are - AM Saleem Abdul Majid, Umarul Mahdzar, Mohd Salim, Suhaimi Kamaruddin & Fadhil. However, a crack in the group resulting in one of the members, the second guitarist, Fadhil Suhaimi leaving the band while the recording of their first album was in progress. He was replaced by Huzali Ali as the instrument board tone player. In 1995, Saleem Abdul Majid left the Iklim band.
Saleem Abdul Majid died in October 2018.

Their studio albums include:
* Satu Kesan Abadi (1990)
* Bulan Jatuh Ke Riba (1991)
* Budi (1992)
* Iklim (1994)
* Bukan Niatku(1995)
* Salam Perpisahan (1996)
* Pergimu Satu Tanda (1998)
* Bunga Emas (2003)

Their achievement includes:
* Anugerah Juara Lagu (1990) - Suci Dalam Debu (Best Lyrics)
* Anugerah Cakera Platinum Berkembar Tiga (1991)
* Anugerah Industri Muzik Pertama Album - Dunia Iklim Collection (1993)

Song lyric Suci Dalam Debu SUCI DALAM DEBU Iklim
Song lyric Bulan Jatuh Ke Riba BULAN JATUH KE RIBA Iklim
Song lyric Bukan Aku Tak Cinta BUKAN AKU TAK CINTA Iklim
Song lyric Hakikat Sebuah Cinta HAKIKAT SEBUAH CINTA Iklim
Song lyric Di Pintu Mahligai DI PINTU MAHLIGAI Iklim
Song lyric Gerhana Cinta Luka GERHANA CINTA LUKA Iklim
Song lyric Bukan Ku Tak Sudi BUKAN KU TAK SUDI Iklim
Song lyric Selamat Tinggal Penderitaan SELAMAT TINGGAL PENDERITAAN Iklim
Song lyric Mimpi Yang Pulang MIMPI YANG PULANG Iklim
Song lyric Sheilla SHEILLA Iklim
Song lyric Satu Kesan Abadi SATU KESAN ABADI Iklim
Song lyric Blues Terengganu Kita BLUES TERENGGANU KITA Iklim
Song lyric Budi BUDI Iklim
Song lyric Sandiwara Cinta Semusim SANDIWARA CINTA SEMUSIM Iklim
Song lyric Mahligai Seribu Mimpi MAHLIGAI SERIBU MIMPI Iklim
Song lyric Bukan Niatku BUKAN NIATKU Iklim
Song lyric Patah Ranting Di Cermin Usia PATAH RANTING DI CERMIN USIA Iklim
Song lyric Aduhai! Seribu Kali Sayang ADUHAI! SERIBU KALI SAYANG Iklim
Song lyric Sayembara SAYEMBARA Iklim
Song lyric Seribu Penghargaan SERIBU PENGHARGAAN Iklim
Song lyric Mantera Anak Seni MANTERA ANAK SENI Iklim
Song lyric Hanya Satu Persinggahan HANYA SATU PERSINGGAHAN Iklim
Song lyric Aduhai ! Seribu Kali Sayang ADUHAI ! SERIBU KALI SAYANG Iklim
Song lyric Amma Rah AMMA RAH Iklim
Song lyric Amma-rah AMMA-RAH Iklim
Song lyric Bujang Kota BUJANG KOTA Iklim
Song lyric Bukan Ake Tak Cinta BUKAN AKE TAK CINTA Iklim
Song lyric Debu-Debu Rindu DEBU-DEBU RINDU Iklim
Song lyric Kekasih KEKASIH Iklim
Song lyric Mimpi Yang Hilang MIMPI YANG HILANG Iklim
Song lyric Pasrah PASRAH Iklim
Song lyric Pergimu Bagai Satu Tanda PERGIMU BAGAI SATU TANDA Iklim
Song lyric Pergimu Satu Tanda PERGIMU SATU TANDA Iklim
Song lyric Puteri PUTERI Iklim
Song lyric Rumah Kecil Buluh Semambu RUMAH KECIL BULUH SEMAMBU Iklim
Song lyric Sheila SHEILA Iklim
Song lyric Sungguh SUNGGUH Iklim
Song lyric bunga emas BUNGA EMAS Iklim