Inka Christie

Rinni Chries Hartono, better known as the Inka Christie (born in Bali, January 20, 1973, age 37 years) is an Indonesian singer. Princess youngest of four children of the couple Krimiati S. Suhariono and is known as a lady rocker era of the 90s. She is not only popular in Indonesia but also in the neighboring country of Malaysia. She is starting to catch on after a single issue "Cinta Kita" with Amy Search in 1991 and the album "Gambaran Cinta" in 1992.

In 2007, Inka formed the band, Q-ta pop wing with Reza (guitar), Ngguh (bass), Lala (keyboards) and Hadle (drums). His first album "Mencari Cinta" released in 2008.

* 1992 - Gambaran Cinta
* 1993 - Nafas Cinta
* 1995 - Yang Kunanti
* 1996 - Yang Kedua Kali
* 1997 - Tiada Cinta Yang Lain
* 1998 - Nyanyian Suara Hati
* 1999 - Teratai
* 2001 - Puisi Cinta
* 2003 - Sanggupkah
* 2005 - Jangan Pisahkan

Song lyric Yang Kunanti YANG KUNANTI Inka Christie
Song lyric Rela RELA Inka Christie
Song lyric Teratai TERATAI Inka Christie
Song lyric Tiada Cinta Yang Lain TIADA CINTA YANG LAIN Inka Christie
Song lyric Yang Terindah YANG TERINDAH Inka Christie
Song lyric Aku Tak Ingin AKU TAK INGIN Inka Christie
Song lyric Cinta Kita (feat. Amy Search) CINTA KITA (FEAT. AMY SEARCH) Inka Christie
Song lyric Menggapai Harapan MENGGAPAI HARAPAN Inka Christie
Song lyric Nyanyian Suara Hati NYANYIAN SUARA HATI Inka Christie