Invincible refers to these different artists:

1) Detroit based MC Ilana Weaver, AKA Invincible, is a rapper that discusses both personal experience and a desire to effect social change. Invincible splits her time between community work, youth organizing, and constant touring across the US and Europe. She moved from the Middle East to Michigan and later New York. Her skills have placed her in the company of numerous contemporary hip-hop artists. Though several labels tried to sign her, Invincible took the independent route, and was dubbed "Every A&R's worst nightmare" in a 2002 feature in XXL Magazine. She released her only full-length LP, ShapeShifters, in June of 2008. Since then, she has made sporadic guest appearances on other hip-hop albums.

2) The musical collaboration between Mark Burgess, frontman and bass player of Manchester post-punk group The Chameleons, and the French multi-instrumentalist Yves Altana. The group released one album, Venus, in September of 1999. The band's ceased to exist as a functioning unit following the brief reformation of The Chameleons the following year.

Song lyric Looongawaited LOOONGAWAITED Invincible
Song lyric Sledgehammer! SLEDGEHAMMER! Invincible