irving force

Irving Force LogoThe cyberpunk music scene in 2015 is off to a great start with Stockholm-based producer Irving Force’s recently released debut, the Undercover EP. The EP’s six atmospheric tracks not only invoke clanking cyborg factories in tracks like ‘Constructing Androids’ or neon-lit back-alley gang fights in the crushing ‘Meat Grinder City’ through the medium of pulsing bass and glitchy synthesisers, but guide the listener through cyberpunk narratives that twist and mutate with a playfulness that makes the Undercover EP really stand out.

Irving Force has been writing and recording music for almost a decade as a member of metal band Vapenlicens and as vocalist in the doom/black metal band Vanhävd. The cyberpunk influenced Irving Force project was originally devised in order to produce music that was intended to be more fun, poppy and retro influenced than his metal projects, however darker elements drawn from metal, video games, dystopian cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic cinema soon found their way into the music, alongside a liberal serving of 80’s pop influences.