There are at least 2 artists named Iversen:

1. IVERSEN is a collaborative music project fronted by London based producers Josh Iverson and Jonny Royall. Dabbling in nostalgia, synths and electro beats, IVERSEN delivers music that promises to take you back to 1985.

With a payload of neon, fast cars and synth drenched sounds. Combining influence from the synthwave/synthpop genres, both in production and aesthetic.

2. Jan-Morten Iversen is a prolific and versatile ambient-noise artist from Norway. He involved in many musical projects such as Lydhode, Scullfaced Moon, Mallucoch Quartet, T.I.B (...) He is also responsible of the label TIBProd. Iversen started his musical solo production at the end of the 90s. His musical signature features an arsenal of serene micro-tonal textures, fluidistic organic dronescapes and sonically noisy electronic assaults.