JME (Jamie Adenuga) is a Tottenham-born UK grime artist of Nigerian origin and the co-owner & CEO of the label Boy Better Know, along with his brother Skepta (Joseph Adenuga). He started producing mobile phone ringtones, then moving on to Mario Paint, Game Boy Camera and currently Fruity Loops. JME also co-owns his own T-shirt chain with Uptown Records, bearing various designs featuring himself, Boy Better Know, and his dormant club night Straight Outta Bethnal.

JME has released 4 mixtapes, entitled Boy Better Know, subtitled (Edition 1) - Shh Hut Yuh Muh, (Edition 2) - Poomplex, (Edition 3) - Derkhead and (Edition 4) - Tropical (Instrumental). He has also released various tracks and EPs on vinyl, such as "Serious" and "Wasteman EP". JME's debut studio album "Famous?" was released on 14th July 2008, featuring 16 tracks and collaborations with artists such as Wiley, Skepta, and Tempa T. His second studio album "Blam!" was released on 4th October 2010, from which three singles have already been released; "Over Me", "Sidetracked" featuring Wiley, and "CD Is Dead" featuring Tempa T. JME maintains a personal Twitter account at
"JME is the best grime MC in the UK"

Song lyric Don't Get Rude DON'T GET RUDE Jme
Song lyric If You Don't Know IF YOU DON'T KNOW JME
Song lyric Integrity INTEGRITY JME
Song lyric Man Don't Care MAN DON'T CARE JME
Song lyric Standard STANDARD JME
Song lyric They Call Me THEY CALL ME JME