There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Junky is a VOCALOID producer that has produced a number of songs using Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン). Junky's most notable work would be 'Melancholic' (メランコリック), that have reached 1 million views on nico nico dounga. Junky is a also a member of a group called 'Crony Craft'.

2) JUNKY is a Romanian hip hop artist. He started in 1997 his first project, 9MM, supposed to be produced by C-NYK. There has been no material released, but spending years in the studio taught him a lot. The new millenium found him on his own and since then he was sending many demos until he finally managed to get enough attention to be on the tracklist of VOCABULE . This got him a lot of positive feedback from the media and the fans. Then came Vocabule 2, a collabo between Rebel Music and Green Flava Records (Chisinau - Rep Moldova). Junky did it again! He blows up on a track called "Obisnuiti cu Mizeria" featuring a local artist from Chisinau, B-Zar. Whats next?

... Coming Soon ...
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Also Junky abillities as a producer are becoming more and more known and appreciated. He produced tracks of his own on VOCABULE and VOCABULE 2, as well as upcoming track featuring Barak on Barak's latest album to be release soon.
Surely ONE OF THE GREATEST BANGERS OF ALL TIME ROMANIAN HIP HOP will be the track "Alte Repere" Junky produced for the latest BITZA album that's about to hit the stores, the two featuring on this track. But that's not the only track JUNKY produced on BITZA's "Sufletul Orasului" album, as the mindblowing rhymes of the urbansoul artist BITZA explode on the beats of "Sinteze"

Song lyric Happy Halloween HAPPY HALLOWEEN Junky