kameron corvet

Kameron Corvet

Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Kameron Corvet proves that there is always room in music for a young man with soulful vocals and compelling lyricism. Corvet’s mix of light rock and smooth soul combine the sweet sultry vocals of Maxwell, the literate class of Sting, and the undeniable flare of Prince. Despite the many comparisons make no mistake about his individual uniqueness. “Kameron Corvet’s music is a breath of fresh air and a welcomed changed in an industry full of cookie-cutter artists who don’t translate live. He’s definitely a unique talent and proficient showman with an organic approach to artistry”. – Jawn Murray, Tom Joyner Morning show/ AOL Black Voices

To influence his growth and change after his first album Sayingthings Corvet reinvented his musical wheel changing from the alias Jonz to his real name in 2006. His sophomore album promises to make an indelible mark across many genres of music. Korporate Rockstar is a sincerely appealing record and a perfectly honest reflection of its author: The album soaks in its clichés of new adult life and all the baggage that comes with it – The angst of a monotonous office job in “Happy Hour”, the realization of past desires in “Spelman Girl”, and the novel world of adult relationships in “Kiss and Make Up”.

Kameron can currently be found doing spot dates from New York to Los Angeles and abroad promoting his single of “Kiss and Make Up” featured on the soundtrack of the BET film Blackout (Starring Zoe Saldana and Jeffery Wright). His live performance is full of riffs, refrains and teardrops of falsetto rivaled by few and not to be missed. Using a candid sense of sincerity, Corvet has set himself aside to rain upon the music industry as an innovator. Corvet has been featured on, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and recently opened for Grammy award winning artist Adele.

Is it Kameron’s humbleness in the face of his own talent that makes him so appealing? Or is it that one easily understands that his angle of absorbing life as an experience helps human progress? It’s simple, we believe him when he says “making music is an opportunity to relay the underlying messages of conversation”. We believe in the reality that his words create and that he can deliver them with just an acoustic guitar.