There are two bands sharing the name Kamikazee.

1) Kamikazee is a Filipino pop punk band composed of five members. It includes their frontman and vocalist Jay Contreras, guitarists Jomal Linao and Led Zeppelin Tuyay and drummer Allan "Bords" Burdeos.

They released their first self-titled album in 2003. The album's carrier single was a pop punk cover version of the Britney Spears song Lucky. In 2005, the band released Chiksilog as part the compilation album Rok On!. Other notable songs includes Girlfriend, Ung Tagalog, the heavy Tsinelas and their cover song of Ariel Rivera's Sana Kahit Minsan. In 2006 they released their second album, Maharot. The carrier single of the album is Narda, which is a love song about admiring the ever-busy Filipino superheroine Darna.

2) Kamikazee is a Tampa, Florida based 2 man death grind unit. They use drum machines and turntable along with a guitar and grunts.

Song lyric Chiksilog CHIKSILOG Kamikazee
Song lyric Director's Cut DIRECTOR'S CUT Kamikazee
Song lyric Halik HALIK Kamikazee
Song lyric Hanggang Tingin HANGGANG TINGIN Kamikazee
Song lyric Huling Sayaw HULING SAYAW Kamikazee
Song lyric Martyr Nyebera MARTYR NYEBERA Kamikazee
Song lyric Seksi! Seksi! SEKSI! SEKSI! Kamikazee
Song lyric Tagpuan TAGPUAN Kamikazee
Song lyric Unang Tikim UNANG TIKIM Kamikazee