He was born Anthony Kavanagh on 4th November 1977 in Moston, Manchester, England.

In the summer of 1996 a young lad from Manchester burst on the scene. Full of energy the youngster did many a roadshow and also toured with Boyzone.
This youngster was KAVANA.
With a career spanning 4 years, with countless charting hits and Worldwide success with songs such as "I Can Make You Feel Good", "MFEO" , "Will You Wait For Me" and the stunning "Thank You" Kav decided to take a break and try and get a fitting new sound that would blow people away.
Kav headed for the USA. Working with some of the best producers over there. The sound was working well but then a family crisis forced him to comeback over to the UK for a year.
After the year had pasted he headed back to the states with more inspiration than he had ever had before and discovered music producer and writer Ansible Deliria. They worked closely together to get the perfect sound and inevitably came up with some of the best songs that Kav had ever recorded. Kav spent a year showcasing the songs in small venues across LA which caused a storm down Hollywood Boulevard.
2006 saw these songs being polished off and copyrighted.
Whilst this was taking place in September Kav was offered a part as "Will" in the show "Hollyoaks in the City" and instantly took the part wanting to show he was more than just a singer/songwriter. Working alongside the likes of Claire King ( Bad Girls, Emmerdale ) and Gemma Atkinson his acting debut went down a storm.
After filming finished he went down to London for "An Audience With Take That" and bumped into long standing friend Lulu.
Lulu was about to go on tour with Jools Holland and instantly realized that Kav was itching to get on the big stage once again. So after talks with Jools, Kav managed to get a spot on the tour. Once again he was a huge hit and ended up doing all 10 nights up and down the UK ending in Birmingham at Christmas.
Now currently having a well deserved Christmas break at home in Manchester Kav has lots in the pipeline for 2007.
With lots of talks with record labels and managements 2007 is looking to be a promising year for Kav and his newly penned music. The first sighting of Kav will be in January's "ATTITUDE" magazine where you will be able to see Kav giving the naughtiest interview yet !!!!
So come on have a look at his web page add yourself and be kept up to date with what is happening. Also get a chance to hear some of the work that has been done so far as well as in the video section you can see snippets from his "Hollyoaks in the City" Debut.

He appeared as a contestant on Grease Is the Word on 7 April 2007 and got put through to boot camp where he was paired with Alison Crawford. Since then he and Crawford impressed the judges and they were through to the finals. Although Crawford was eliminated Kavana booked a place in the final of the competition where he was declared runner up on 9 June.

Song lyric Crazy Chance CRAZY CHANCE Kavana
Song lyric Crazy Chance 97 CRAZY CHANCE 97 KAVANA
Song lyric For The Very First Time FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME Kavana
Song lyric Funky Love FUNKY LOVE Kavana
Song lyric Good Luck Next Time GOOD LUCK NEXT TIME Kavana
Song lyric Holding Back On You HOLDING BACK ON YOU Kavana
Song lyric I Believe I BELIEVE Kavana
Song lyric I Can Make You Feel Good I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD Kavana
Song lyric If I Fall IF I FALL Kavana
Song lyric Jealousy JEALOUSY Kavana
Song lyric Just The Way It Is JUST THE WAY IT IS Kavana
Song lyric Make Believe MAKE BELIEVE Kavana
Song lyric Mfeo MFEO Kavana
Song lyric Misunderstood MISUNDERSTOOD Kavana
Song lyric Protected PROTECTED Kavana
Song lyric Release It RELEASE IT Kavana
Song lyric Special Kind Of Something SPECIAL KIND OF SOMETHING Kavana
Song lyric Thank You THANK YOU Kavana
Song lyric The Time Is Right THE TIME IS RIGHT Kavana
Song lyric Wait For The Day WAIT FOR THE DAY Kavana
Song lyric Where Are You WHERE ARE YOU Kavana
Song lyric Will You Wait For Me WILL YOU WAIT FOR ME Kavana
Song lyric Work WORK Kavana