Kaveh: -20 year old Norwegian rapper from Grünerløkka, Oslo. He is one of the most popular rappers in Norway today, with singles like "En av dem" and the monster hit "Snufs". His debut album "Sannheten Sårer" is planned released in 2014.
Kaveh was born in 1976 in Shiraz; the Persian city of poetry & music. . He started keyboard and piano studies at an early age. At age 17 he was deeply touched by the magical combination of piano, bass and drums of some contemporary recording and music became an important part of his life ever since. After years of classical piano as a teenager, he revealed his love and passion for creation by composing orchestral music with grandiose ambitions. After immigrating to California at age 23, he devoted much of his time to studying composition,orchestration & film music at different music institutions including Cal-state Long Beach and etc...

Kaveh has benefited from many great musicians such as Shardad Rohani, Perry LaMarca, Daniel Luzko, (the late) Babak Bayat and many others both in Iran and the USA and has collaborated with many musicians from different places. He has arranged his original composition "Eternity" for the Irvine Valley College wind symphony in 2001. He also collaborated with Orchestra Surreal for a concert featuring his original music in 2003 in Long Beach, California. Both performances were well received.
Kaveh celebrates passion & freedom through his music. Over time his compositions have evolved into a unique blend of ethnic and western vibes that manifests as a fresh sound of the Persian contemporary music Kaveh also enjoys odd rhythms and blending different music cultures. In one of his signature works titled "Shadow Dance" for instance, once can hear a marriage of Persian 4-Mezrab piano with the Mediterranean 7/8 rhythm and the Indian color of Sitar and Turkish Udo along with the western sounds of electronic guitar and the orchestra. This work has been widely appreciated by world music enthusiasts. In his new album "Rain", he has attempted to compose in different styles which ranges from newage, jazz & bossanova to hints of flamenco and Persian classical music.

He has also been a great enthusiast of film music and has enjoyed scoring numbers of short films along with parts of the soundtracks for the recently released documentary " Iran, the forgotten glory".

Kaveh's music reveals his love and passion for his homeland folk-music and represents his effort for writing passionate music for those who seek deep and influential music.

He simply believes in the Persian proverb that reads: "what stems from the heart will affect the heart of the audience " ...

Besides musical ambitions, Kaveh has earned a medical degree and is currently a practicing physician in South Florida. He is grateful for his support and encouragement he received from his family throughout the years.

Currently Kaveh resides in Miami Beach. He can be found at

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