Keith Kenniff

Keith Kenniff is a Portland-based ambient indie electronic artist who works under the monikers Helios and Goldmund. He is also half of the shoegaze band Mint Julep, and children's band Meadows along with his wife Hollie Kenniff. In 2010 he began the record label Unseen.

Keith Kenniff started playing drums, guitar and bass at a very young age. His musical journey took him to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with honors in 2006 with a B.A. in percussion and composition. In 2004 'Unomia', Keith's first album under the moniker Helios, was released followed by the critically acclaimed album ‘Eingya’ in 2006. His third album ‘Caesura’ was released in 2008.

Keith also records and performs music for solo piano under the name Goldmund for which he has six releases on Unseen, Type Records and Western Vinyl, including the most recent album ‘Famous Places’. Keith has toured and performed extensively throughout the US, Europe, Japan and Canada.

Keith has an indie rock/shoegaze band with his wife called Mint Julep. The band will release their first full-length album, "Save Your Season" in 2011. In September 2010 they began another project of children's music called Meadows. They plan to release a full-length album, "The Littlest Star", in 2011.

Keith Kenniff's music has been featured on programs for NPR, the BBC, and can be heard in a number of documentaries and films, including celebrated indie filmmaker Harmony Korine's film 'Mister Lonely' and a trailer for the 2009 film "Revolutionary Road" by Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes. Keith has also composes music for commercials and web advertising for clients such as Honda, MTV, Doctors Without Borders, Canon, T Mobile, American Express, Audi, Levi's, AEG, Vinamilk, and Christie's.


As Keith Kenniff

* The Last Survivor: Original Soundtrack by Keith Kenniff (2010)

As Helios

* Unomia (2004)
* Eingya (2006)
* Ayres (2007)
* Caesura (2008)
* Live at The Triple Door (2010)
* Unleft (2009)
* Ayres (Instrumental version. Remastered. Digital only release.) (2010)

As Goldmund

* Corduroy Road (2005)
* Two Point Discrimination (2007)
* The Malady of Elegance (2008)
* Live At The Triple Door (Digital only release.) (2010)
* Famous Places (2010)
* Corduroy Road (Remastered. Digital only release.) (2010)
* Heart of High Places (Remastered with bonus track. Digital only release.) (2010)

As Mint Julep

* Songs About Snow (CD-R/digital 2008)
* Save Your Season (2011)

As Meadows

* The Littlest Star (2011)

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