kelelawar malam

Kelelawar Malam is a Jakarta, Indonesian band formed in 2008 by guitarist/vocalist Sayiba Von Mencekam and bassist/vocalist Deta Beringas. With Apin Kiamat on drums, they recorded and self-released their first EP (Bangkit Dari Kubur / Jalan Gelap) in limited quantity. Guitarist Fahri Al Maut joined several months later and they went on tour with Rajasinga for two weeks, playing in different cities across Java and Bali. The tour was entitled “Babat Tanah Leluhur”.

Their second EP , Desmodus Rotundus , was released in February 6th 2009 by YES NO WAVE for free. Unlike their first punk-derived EP, Desmodus Rotundus has more classic-rock guitar elements while maintaining horror atmosphere through lyrics and Sayiba’s deep and heavy vocal. A week after Desmodus Rotundus, they released CD single called Suzzanakenstein featuring 3 tracks. A new track called Desmodus Rotundus and alternate versions of Suzzanakenstein and Malam Jumat Kliwon.

In July 2010, they teamed up with Ghaust and Pazahora and went on tour in Malaysia and Singapore. During the tour, Cactus Record from Malaysia released 50 copies of another EP called Malam Terkutuk. It’s basically Desmodus Rotundus with 2 songs added, entitled Malam Terkutuk and Kengerian.

The debut album Kelelawar Malam (self-titled) was released in late 2010 by Jenggo Records and distributed by Demajors. It features new versions of all the songs in Desmodus Rotundus plus seven new songs. It was chosen as one of the best Indonesian album released in 2010 by Rolling Stone Indonesia.