ken doll

Ken Doll is a 22 year-old artist who was born and raised in Queens, NYC. Since a young age, even in his toddler years, Ken always showed an interest in performing. "I remember him just walking around the room singing. He'd sing HIMSELF to sleep!", his father recalls. As a youngster, Ken Doll always yearned to be the center of attention; to stand out amongst the crowd. From disrupting classrooms with a joke, to mooning a teacher, he was always a wild one. His mischevious ways ultimately earned him his first suspension from school in the 7th grade.

As a punishment, his grandmother took away his phone and television priveleges. Ken was left with nothing but his notepad and pens to entertain himself. So he started to write poetry. Discovering his new talent made the suspension seem like more of a blessing than a curse. And he didn't stop there. Using the words he'd written, he borrowed melodies from his favorite songs and crafted his own tunes to them. It wasn't long before Ken Doll took the interest in writing his own melodies completely. Throughout high school, and five years afterwards, he spent time working on his craft as an R&B songwriter and singer.

Between the years of junior high school and his college years, Ken Doll had written nearly fifty songs. He believed that he was meant to be an R&B star, but things just weren't happening as fast as he desired. He tried out for numerous showcases -- including Apollo and Soul Sessions -- with no call backs. He finally felt it was time to throw in the towel and just focus on other things. He had come to the conclusion that things weren't going to work out for him as an artist, and that he was meant to just be a "normal person". But things were about to change.

One week, Ken Doll's manager called him into the office and told him that he was needed to work the night shift for two weeks, since the person who usually worked it was in the hospital. Ken was overcome with frustration and anger. Never before in his life had he worked overnight, and he was very disappointed, but decided to help the company, so he agreed to do the shift. During one of the night shifts, he became so filled with boredome that he picked up a pen and pad that were nearby.

For some reason, all he could think about were two words: "Ken Doll". He wrote the words repeatedly, over and over on the paper. He thought of how much he wanted to look like a Ken Doll for the upcoming summer season. Next thing he knew, he was recruiting producers for a project idea that popped in his head. He wanted to do an album that was gay, but not stereotypically gay. Flamboyant, but not forced. Homosexual, but universal. He wanted to do an album that represented who he was. A fun person.

Since the self-discovery of Ken Doll, he has debuted an album, earned many loyal fans, met big players in the industry, and most importantly, inspired others in the gay community to tap into their inner best and not be ashamed. Ken Doll is living proof that destiny is real, and giving up should NEVER be an option.

"Everyone has a Ken Doll inside of them. Something they can tap into that no one else has. They just have to find it." - Ken Doll