There are 4 artists going with the name of Kina: (1. Kina (punk band) 2. Kina Cosper,3. Kina Grannis 4. KINA (FIN)

1) Kina was an italian punk band formed in December 1982. Their text were inspired by anarcho punk style and talked about society,life and other controversial themes. They produced many albums such as: "irreale realtà", "cercando..", "se ho vinto se ho perso". They broken up in 1996. Some members are now playing in the "Frontiera".

2) Kina Cosper is a solo artist and former member of Brownstone. She has one solo album and is currently working on new music.

3) Kina Grannis is a female pop singer

4) KINA (FIN). is an alternative rockband from Finland

Song lyric Are You Still With Him ARE YOU STILL WITH HIM Kina
Song lyric Can We Kiss Forever? CAN WE KISS FOREVER? Kina
Song lyric Get You the Moon GET YOU THE MOON Kina
Song lyric Girl From The Gutter GIRL FROM THE GUTTER Kina
Song lyric Have A Cry HAVE A CRY Kina
Song lyric I Still Dream of You I STILL DREAM OF YOU Kina
Song lyric I've Changed for You I'VE CHANGED FOR YOU Kina
Song lyric Me ME Kina
Song lyric Nobody Cares NOBODY CARES Kina
Song lyric U're Mine U'RE MINE Kina