There are six artists or bands named Koda.

An alias used by electronic/future beat/future pop musician Jordan Sudak. His music is characterized by strong driving bass, dark, sweeping synths, and modulated R&B style vocals. All of his music is available for free on his label Fluorescent Records' website.

A folk band from Moscow, Russia.

A Michigan-based project by M. Derrick that makes profoundly gorgeous ambient music of sweeping grandeur and texture. The album "Movements" bears resemblance to the classic "Discreet Music" by Brian Eno, but adds more warmth to the tonality.

An alias used by drum 'n bass producer Darren Beale, better known as Decoder, Orca or one third of Kosheen. He used this alias in the 1994 timeframe for releases on Intalektive Records and Dee Jay Recordings.

An offshoot of the Keith Dickson Accordion Orchestra, made up of young Scottish musicians. Instruments include accordion, keyboards, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, Scots fiddle and Highland bagpipes.


Unsigned Hip Hop Rap from New York

This heading also attracts a small number of mistagged songs by Koda Kumi.

Song lyric Angel ANGEL Koda
Song lyric Faking FAKING Koda
Song lyric I Don't I DON'T Koda
Song lyric New Blood NEW BLOOD Koda
Song lyric The Last Stand THE LAST STAND Koda
Song lyric Water U WATER U Koda
Song lyric White Dove WHITE DOVE Koda