There are two artists named Konshens.

A Jamaican Reggae-Dancehall artists whose debut album "Sherlock Di World Lock" was released in November 2008. He received good critics for his hit "Winner" and most recently for the song "Good Girl" performed along with Tarrus Riley.

2. An American Hip Hop artist from Washington D.C. whose debut album "The Choosen One" was released in September 2006.

Song lyric Bassline BASSLINE Konshens
Song lyric Gal Tan Up GAL TAN UP Konshens
Song lyric Jah Love Mi JAH LOVE MI Konshens
Song lyric Pull up to Mi Bumper PULL UP TO MI BUMPER Konshens
Song lyric She's Happy SHE'S HAPPY Konshens
Song lyric Thank God Fi Di Gal Dem THANK GOD FI DI GAL DEM Konshens
Song lyric Turn Me On TURN ME ON Konshens