Niles "Cyranizzy" Hollowell-Dhar (born 6 October 1988), better known as KSHMR, is coming up as one of the more memorable names in the electronic music industry. KSHMR is based in Berkeley, California, and since 2013, KSHMR has been making EDM after leaving the indie-pop duo The Cataracs.

KSHMR first got his name in the EDM scene with the song "Megalodon" as his first big tune released in the early years of 2014. KSHMR is also known for contributing to compositions for many famous producers like Borgeous and DVBBS. Most of KSHMR's tracks are released under Spinnin' Records. KSHMR started raising attention when his single "Burn", a collaboration with DallasK, debuted reached the Top 40 chart on Beatport then eventually reached #1. The song has been released through 3 labels: Revealed Recordings, Spinnin' Records, and Ultra Records.

Niles revealed himself as KSHMR at Ultra Music Festival and was introduced by Tiësto himself. His track, "Secrets", a collaboration with Tiësto and Vassy was a huge EDM hit. The track streamed through buzz charts, and reached the top of the Beatport Chart. KSHMR has had a number of Beatport hits, such as 'No Heroes', 'Burn', 'Secrets', 'Dead Mans Hand', 'Kashmir', 'Dogs' and 'Karate'.

Song lyric Around The World (feat. NOUMENN) AROUND THE WORLD (FEAT. NOUMENN) KSHMR
Song lyric Back to Me BACK TO ME KSHMR
Song lyric Carry Me Home CARRY ME HOME KSHMR
Song lyric Devil Inside Me (Mix Cut) DEVIL INSIDE ME (MIX CUT) KSHMR
Song lyric Do Bad Well (feat. Nevve) DO BAD WELL (FEAT. NEVVE) KSHMR
Song lyric Good Vibes Soldier (feat. Head Quattaz) GOOD VIBES SOLDIER (FEAT. HEAD QUATTAZ) KSHMR
Song lyric House of Cards HOUSE OF CARDS KSHMR
Song lyric Imaginate IMAGINATE KSHMR
Song lyric Jammu JAMMU KSHMR
Song lyric Kids (feat. MKLA) KIDS (FEAT. MKLA) KSHMR
Song lyric Lazer Love (feat. Francisca Hall) LAZER LOVE (FEAT. FRANCISCA HALL) KSHMR
Song lyric Lazer Love feat. Vaski LAZER LOVE FEAT. VASKI KSHMR
Song lyric Lies (feat. Luciana) LIES (FEAT. LUCIANA) KSHMR
Song lyric Magic MAGIC KSHMR
Song lyric Mandala MANDALA KSHMR
Song lyric Memories MEMORIES KSHMR
Song lyric My Best Life MY BEST LIFE KSHMR
Song lyric Neverland NEVERLAND KSHMR
Song lyric No Regrets (feat. Krewella) NO REGRETS (FEAT. KREWELLA) KSHMR
Song lyric One More Round (Free Fire Booyah Day Theme Song) ONE MORE ROUND (FREE FIRE BOOYAH DAY THEME SONG) KSHMR
Song lyric Over and Out (feat. Charlott Boss) OVER AND OUT (FEAT. CHARLOTT BOSS) KSHMR
Song lyric SHIVA (Sunburn 2017 Anthem) [feat. The Golden Army] SHIVA (SUNBURN 2017 ANTHEM) [FEAT. THE GOLDEN ARMY] KSHMR
Song lyric Secrets SECRETS KSHMR
Song lyric The Spook THE SPOOK KSHMR
Song lyric The Spook Returns THE SPOOK RETURNS KSHMR
Song lyric The World We Left Behind (feat. KARRA) THE WORLD WE LEFT BEHIND (FEAT. KARRA) KSHMR
Song lyric Underwater UNDERWATER KSHMR
Song lyric Voices VOICES KSHMR
Song lyric Wildcard WILDCARD KSHMR