Fernanda Brandao (also known by her former stage name, Laava) is a dance music artist from Brazil. Her first single, "Wherever You Are (I Feel Love)," was a big hit worldwide, although it was her only song produced under the name Laava. After the release of that song, Brandao took a break from the music industry and did some modeling work, also obtaining a fitness trainer license. She ultimately returned to music, however, and joined the Latino pop group Hot Banditoz. Currently, Brandao is a member of the judging panel on the German music competition show, Deutschland sucht den Superstar.

There is also Laava, the finnish rockband. Their tag line is "Maailmanlopun suomirockia", which means something like "Apocalyptic rock music from Finland"
Laava plays quite straight rock, with a twist of stoner and punk. Laava's lyrics are in finnish and they involve things like the end of the world, the difficulties of every day life and whatever fits between those things. Laava was formed in august 2004 and the current line-up in november 2005.

Song lyric Wherever You Are WHEREVER YOU ARE Laava
Song lyric Wherever You Are (spanish Translation) WHEREVER YOU ARE (SPANISH TRANSLATION) Laava