Lena Fayre

Fayre released her debut single, Belong To You, in December, 2012. Weeks later, she released a video for "Belong To You" and won "Best Music Video" at the 2013 Williamsburg International Film Festival.
In June, 2013, Fayre released a self-titled EP featuring five songs, including "Belong To You." Weeks later, she uploaded a music video for another song from her EP titled "Jukebox Love." In August 2013, the "Unsigned Only Music Competition" announced that Fayre finished second in the Teen category of its 2013 edition with her song "Silver," also from her EP. In November 2013, Fayre released a video for yet another song off her EP, titled "Love Burning Alive." Several songs from Fayre's EP were featured in Video Star. Fayre's EP also caught the attention of the music press with Rolling Stone magazine featuring her in a February 2014 online article headlined "10 New Artists You Need To Know."
In July 2014, Fayre dropped a single titled "I Am Not A Man," which was included in her 11-song album named "Oko," which she released in August 2014. To promote "Oko," Fayre performed at venues throughout Southern California during the summer of 2014 impressing music bloggers. In September 2014, Fayre released a music video for "I Am Not A Man." In November 2014, Fayre uploaded a video with an acoustic version of one of the songs from "Oko," titled "Start A War." Months later, she released a video for a third song off the album, called "Everybody’s In." Fayre’s album received critical acclaim in the form of a "CD of the Year" award by the online publication Indie Music Digest.
Fayre released a single titled "This World" in February 2015. Spotify included "This World" in a curated playlist titled Women of Indie & Alternative and the song was also featured in an episode of The CW network show The Vampire Diaries. Almost concurrently, Fayre released a video for This World.
In May 2015, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) announced that Fayre was a winner of their 2015 "I Create Music" EXPO Opportunity in Los Angeles.
In April 2015, Fayre was the subject of an article in Teen Vogue, with the headline: "Introducing Lena Fayre, Your Next Teenage Dream. Also in April 2015, Fayre performed live during South by Southwest in Austin Texas for Daytrotter. While at SXSW, Fayre also performed at The Spider House. On May 20 2015, Noisey, a website owned by the popular print/online magazine VICE, premiered "Do You Like That?," a track from Lena Fayre’s EP "Is There Only One?" and announced that this EP will be released in late July 2015. On June 15 2015, SPIN (magazine) premiered a second track from "Is There Only One," titled "Colors of Leaving."

• Oko (5 August 2014)
• Lena Fayre (10 June 2013)
• Is There Only One? (24 July 2015)
• Belong To You (8 December 2012)
• I Am Not A Man (8 July 2014)
• This World (24 February 2015)


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