Born in Germany, Helene is the oldest daughter of nine Russian - German immigrants to the US – she was 8 when she arrived in California . Her mother blessed her with the nickname LENACHKA, a common name of endearment used in the russian culture. In Lenachka’s own words: “I have lived an interesting life, one filled with hardships, lots of traveling, and exploring, but one thing always remained. That is music.”

After nearly two years of making music together , Lenachka and Charlie are ready to let the world hear what they’ve created together. Since her first sessions in Los Angeles with engineer Eric Robinson and John Mayer’s band , Lenachka has co - written with a great cast of talented songwriters and producers , including Nathan Chapman, Mike Elizondo, Winston Marshall (Mumford & Sons), Eric Robinson, Taylor York (Paramore) , Kris Allen, Matthew Perryman Jones, Kelsey Kopecky, Jason Reeves, Mat Kearney, Tom Douglas, Sam Ashworth, Nolan Sipe and Ryan Peterson.

Twenty year - old Lenachka is currently living in Nashville where she has formed a band and started playing out. Now that her musical vision has been cast, he is ready to expand her team. Lenachka is seeking management, booking, and a mutually beneficial label relationship.