Lil' Keke

Lil Keke (born Marcus Lakee Edwards, 1976) is a rapper from Houston, Texas who is an emcee and member of the Screwed Up Click. Lil' Keke proved himself to be one of the collective's strongest artists, strongly aligning himself with the city's underground rap don of the south. Not only by appearing on countless "Screwed" DJ mixes but also a seemingly endless number of other albums to come out of the South, he also became one of Houston's most visible rappers, releasing solo albums for Jam Down Entertainment. Lil' Keke has become a well known rapper in Houston and continues to record albums annually. His song Southside was a success in 1998. In 2006 he came out with his single "Chunk Up The Deuce" which features Paul Wall and UGK, but in the video it only features Bun B not Pimp C.

Lil KeKe represents as the ambassador of the south side of Houston Texas, as Big Love of Candy Sto' Productions continues to reign over the northside.

Song lyric Southside SOUTHSIDE Lil' Keke
Song lyric Still Pimping The Pen STILL PIMPING THE PEN Lil' Keke
Song lyric Don't You Know DON'T YOU KNOW Lil' Keke
Song lyric Baller In The Mix BALLER IN THE MIX Lil' Keke
Song lyric Don't Mess Wit Texas DON'T MESS WIT TEXAS Lil' Keke
Song lyric Bounce And Turn BOUNCE AND TURN Lil' Keke
Song lyric Box Chevy, Pt. 2 BOX CHEVY, PT. 2 Lil Keke
Song lyric Hogg Da Lane HOGG DA LANE Lil' Keke
Song lyric Im A Dog IM A DOG Lil' Keke
Song lyric It's Goin' Down IT'S GOIN' DOWN Lil' Keke
Song lyric Niggas Be Hating Me NIGGAS BE HATING ME Lil' Keke
Song lyric Off da Chain OFF DA CHAIN Lil' Keke
Song lyric Platinum In Da Ghetto PLATINUM IN DA GHETTO Lil Keke
Song lyric Shoot First SHOOT FIRST Lil' Keke
Song lyric When Da Smoke Clear WHEN DA SMOKE CLEAR Lil' Keke